Women in Technology

The Seidenberg Women in Technology initiative was created with the mission to empower women to pursue STEM education and professions. Despite holding almost half of all jobs in the US economy, women hold less than 25% of STEM jobs—a disparity we aim to overcome.

At Pace, the Seidenberg School has consistently advanced and supported technology education for women since its inception in 1983. We seek to advance this legacy through the creation of a robust academic and supportive living environment on campus, where we will inspire, nurture, and sustain a passion for STEM among young women who will become tomorrow’s technology leaders and innovators.

To ensure the success of this special initiative, we seek support and collaboration from individual, corporate, foundation, and community partners to provide female students with various resources and support systems. To facilitate a strong start to this initiative, we propose the development of outreach programs that introduce STEM in the community, with a key focus on low-income and minority high school girls.

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