University Special Events Representation

University Special Events is here to ensure that your department plans successful events and programs that seek to educate, foster a sense of community, and build relationships. We work with you to provide the appropriate venue and support services. Event planning is a team effort between the Special Events Representative, your department, and all of our service groups. We are committed to assisting you in accomplishing your goals.
Our office is committed to assist with every detail in the steps leading up to your event as well as staffing the day of. We strive to give good advice and counsel you on all aspects of event planning to ensure a successful and strategic event.
University Special Events Criteria to staff an event:
University Special Events will review the following characteristics of the event. If it is determined that one or more of the following criteria is met, University Special Events will provide representation. This applies to any event including co-sponsored, major academic University and student events:
  •      Prominent speakers or guests
  •      Size of the event
  •      Length of the event
  •      Type of audience
  •      Co-sponsored and external events that require services from all our service groups
  •       Event is advertised on the Pace homepage and/or externally publicized
University Special Events will:
  • Arrive prior to the beginning of the event to confirm set-up, educational media, catering, and security. The arrival time of Special Events is determined based on the complexity of the event.
  •  Provide client with appropriate service group phone numbers in the event additional services are required. University Special Events will continue to contact the client throughout the event to ensure satisfaction across the board.
  •  Advise academic departments hosting or co-sponsoring an event to have appropriate representation from their area that is familiar with the specifics of the event. This person will provide adequate and appropriate supervision for their event prior to and during the event. In addition, the person should provide a timeline and briefing document for day of the event.
  • If required, University Special Events will return to the event periodically throughout the day to review catering and audio/visual needs and be available to the client if anything unexpected comes up.
  • We will conduct a follow-up debriefing meeting with the client after the event for feedback.
University Special Events staff members are available for all events—large and small.