CollegeNet Series 25


What is CollegeNet’s Series 25 and how will it help me?

CollegeNet’s Series 25 is a suite of products being implemented university-wide at Pace. 
One product in the suite is a scheduling application called Resource 25 (R25). R25 is an efficient, effective centralized scheduling system that provides the ease-of-use and full functionality of a professional scheduling solution.
R25 makes it easy for you to create and manage events of any kind, from simple one-time meetings to the most complex, multi-instance events. You can even request selected spaces and/or resources to individual instances of any event.

Through this centralized system, you’ll have:

1. Accurate information for all spaces and resources on all campuses
2. The ability to request an event with real-time viewing for space, and resource availability
3. The ability to define the access of users down to the individual event, space, or resource level
4. Standardized space and resource scheduling practices to assist you with scheduling classes/events

Key R25 Features

  • SpeedBook—a single form for creating and managing any event
  • Hotlinks to the SpeedBook® form from anywhere in the system, such as the online event calendar and space usage grid
  • Unlimited capacity for class and event data—head count, department and organization information (including space preferences and contacts), date/time and meeting pattern information, space and resource assignments, and much more
  • Inventory controls that allow you to precisely define your spaces and resources and quickly find the "right" ones for any class or event
  • Comprehensive event pricing and invoicing will be implemented for Phase 2
  • Web publication of event information
  • Event-related workflow
  • Object security enabling precise control over what information can be viewed, created, or edited by particular users
  • Automated policies that allow you to specify which spaces and resources individual users can assign to classes and events and when
  • A full array of standard reports and the ability to create custom reports and easily integrate them into the system
  • A customizable My R25 dashboard for each user, permitting individualized focus on needed events, spaces, resources, and reports
  • Seamless integration with Schedule25® (a classroom placement optimizer) and X25® (a space analysis and benchmarking tool ) to assist with maximizing space utilization.
  • Integration with (Banner) our student information system
  • Unlimited scalability to accommodate the inclusion of more scheduling offices, more users, more spaces and resources, and events