New Webview Training


The  Office of University Special Events is pleased to announce the upcoming Spring schedule for the NEW Webviewer and R25 New User/Refresher Training in New York and Westchester.

New Webviewer?
Since the launch of the Webviewer last summer, we have been compiling feedback from various groups with recommendations to further improve the use/functionality of the Webviewer. Thanks in large part to our friends in ITS, we have been able to apply a good number of requested revisions to satisfy user demand. Revisions include: grouping events by campus (NYC and Westchester), applying a toggle view to allow users to see all events whether cancelled or not or to hide cancelled events, and a separate “button” at the top left side of the page for students to click on so they can view only SDCA events in either Westchester or New York.
Everyone in the university community is encouraged to attend the Webviewer Training - as we are preparing to launch the revised Webviewer (Phase 2) the first week in February. The majority of the changes to the Webviewer are more cosmetic than systematic. How you request an event through the Webviewer will not change.
R25 New User/Refresher Training is designed for any new hires to the university who will have scheduling as part of their main job function or anyone in the university who needs to brush up on some aspect of R25.
To Schedule a Webviewer or R25 training please contact Kristen Vinciguerraa or for White Plains and Pleasantville and for New York City.