Pulse Announcement (Series 25 Implementation)


Introducing a New Way to Schedule Rooms
Pace University is in the process of implementing Series25, a new room-scheduling technology designed to benefit the entire University community. Series25 is a suite of products from CollegeNet, a Portland, Oregon-based firm that develops Web technologies to help colleges and universities improve operational efficiency.
The Series 25 suite includes R25, a centralized repository of all classes and events. This streamlined room-scheduling system will serve as a centralized scheduling and marketing tool for University Special Events, University Relations, Office of Student Assistance, faculty, students, and Facilities Management. Academic Scheduling has used R25 to book class space, and now the entire university can use this system to schedule all event space. 
Additionally, the system will allow users to schedule resource needs from Educational Media, B&G, and Security as part of your event planning activities.
You will be receiving more information on the implementation in January. An informational Web site will also be available by early February. In the meantime, if you would like to learn more about CollegeNet and their product solutions, please log on to www.corp.collegenet.com.
The cross-functional implementation team is targeting a late-spring launch. Please contact Kristen Vinciguerra, associate director of University Special Events, at kvinciguerra@pace.edu or (914) 923-2667 if you have any questions.