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Special Events

University Policy for Co-Sponsored Events

A co-sponsored event is an academic program, conference, retreat and/or meeting involving two or more entities. These entities include Pace University (academic department, administrative unit, approved student organization) and one or more outside organization. These outside organizations can include but are not limited to another university, a community organization, a professional association in which the University holds membership or with which it maintains a relationship that directly benefits the entire University community or a particular school/department and where Pace University has a mission-centric interest.

An event co-sponsored by the University will promote University enrollment; advance University academic programs; enhance the University’s image and identity; and/or build solid relationships with local constituencies in New York City and/or Westchester County.


  • A co-sponsored event is an event where the sponsorship and the responsibility for the event are shared between the University unit and the external organization. The sponsoring internal University unit must actively participate in the planning process of the event and a representative(s) of such internal University unit must be present at the event.
  • All co-sponsored events are not to exceed 700-1000 maximum attendees.
  • The external organization will be charged 30% of the total user fee.
  • Rental and vendor deliveries and pick-ups must be made the same day as the event unless prior arrangements have been made with the University Special Events Office. All deliveries shall be brought through the designated entry determined by the Office of University Special Events. Items may not be delivered prior to the contracted event date unless approved by the Office of Special Events.
  • Items to be delivered the day of the event before the contracted event start time must be approved by the Office of Special Events two weeks prior to the event.
  • The Office of University Special Events does not have available storage areas and there is no overnight storage of rental items. All rentals must be picked up immediately following the event.
  • The University will not be liable for deliveries made to or any property left in the relevant University facility at any time.
  • All property belonging to the external organization must be removed from the relevant University facility immediately following the event.
  • Pace University reserves the right to remove and dispose of any remaining property belonging to the external organization at the expense of such organization at the expiration or termination of the applicable University Facilities Use Agreement.

Approval for the use of University facilities may be revoked and/or further use denied by the University if any of the following circumstances occur in the opinion of the University:

  • Use actually or potentially interferes with regular use by the University
  • University Facilities are misused
  • User or its employees, subcontractors, agents, guests, or invitees fails to abide by University terms and conditions for use of space
  • User or its employees, subcontractors, agents, guests, or invitees violate University rules, regulations, or policies