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Special Events

University Procedures for Co-Sponsored Events

The event requester from the internal University unit completes the online co-sponsored application. Once the co-sponsored application is submitted, such application will be electronically routed to the relevant authorized University official (typically, the Dean/Vice President) for review and approval.

Approved Co-sponsored events

  • Automatic notification will be sent by electronic mail to the internal University unit.
  • Upon receipt the internal University unit will initiate the space request, via the University’s web viewer
  • The Special Events co-sponsored events coordinator Matilda McClean, Director of Academic Events, will route the approved application to the appropriate R25 scheduler
  • The R25 scheduler will review the space request via the web viewer and inform the requester if space is available
  • The Office of Special Events will liaise with the internal University unit to obtain the required information (including facilities, ed media, food service, security)
  • The internal University unit will provide the Office Special Events all pertinent information to execute the event
  • The Office of Special Events will prepare the appropriate co-sponsored event agreement and confirmation letter

Declined Co-sponsored Events

  • Automatic notification is emailed to the internal University unit
  • The internal University unit will contact the external organization and inform them that it will be treated as an external client of the University
  • The internal University unit notifies of the external client’s decision whether to proceed
  • If the external client wishes to proceed to use Pace facilities, the co-sponsored events coordinator will route the information to Kristen Vinciguerra, Associate Director of Special Events