Session Four - An Introduction to Planning Co-Sponsored Events and Academic Conferences

The Ins and Outs of Co-Sponsored Events and Academic Conferences

This presentation is a perfect "next step" for any event planner charged with taking on the planning of a larger event such as a Co-Sponsored or Academic Conference.  These events are significantly more complicated and will require more strategic thought and advance planning than your average event.  Using this presentation will ensure that you don't miss a beat during the planning process, stay organized and on track with event arrangements, and get connected to all of the resources you will need here at Pace University.

Strategic Event Planning Workshop - Introduction to Co-Sponsored Events and Academic Conferences

 The presentation is based upon two of our guides for event planners at Pace University:

  • Guide to Planning Events at Pace University - this guide is a good basis for planning any size event at Pace University.  It will guide you through all of the basic considerations of planning your event.
  • Academic Conference Planning Guide - this guide is designed specifically for those who are planning a larger Academic Conference.  It will help you strategically map your way through the process and navigate the resources here at the University.