External Events

External Event Criteria

The Special Events Department works hard to be a premiere event-planning shop with professionals dedicated to exceeding our clients’ expectations. With the implementation of a new space-reservation technology system, a new event-planning Web site (ongoing), and seasoned event consultants, we are now able to better serve both the Pace community and the community at large. The Corporate Event Program will assist the Special Events department with being more selective/strategic with our external event requests, raise Pace’s recognition among constituents, increase participation from alumni/friends, and raise revenue.

Pace has always been a student-centered institution and is committed to bringing enriching events to our campuses. Use of the University’s facilities by outside groups is secondary to our commitment to our students, faculty, and staff. The Special Events department is charged with processing all inquiries from outside groups. Interested groups may contact Kristen Vinciguerra, associate director of University Special events at (914) 923-2667 or via email at eventrequest@pace.edu.

"Outside Groups” are separately constituted organizations that are not found within the organizational chart of the college. “Outside Activity” is activity that is not initiated or funded by an existing department of the university.

Criteria for accommodating outside groups

Pace University will evaluate requests for outside activity based on the following criteria:

  • Compatibility with the University mission
  • Potential for economic enhancement
  • Potential for positive (national) media exposure
  • Recognition/background of the entity wishing to rent our facilities
  • Opportunity to support university alumni and friends
  • Development of community relations
  • Support of related university departmental activity
  • Compatibility with Physical Plant maintenance and construction needs

 The University will consider accommodating requests based on the criteria above, but also with acute sensitivity to the potential for interfering with academic and extra-curricular activity, the size of the group, and the location and length of the meeting.   The University does not rent facilities for fundraising activity.   Activity initiated and funded by departments of the University and/or student organizations is classified as co-sponsored and therefore is not subject to these requirements. Departmental events are planned by members of the department. Special Events will provide consultation assistance, but all logistical work must be managed by the department.  

The following are requirements of outside groups:

  • A Certificate of Insurance listing Pace University as additionally insured - see specific insurance requirements in the Facility Use Agreement.
  • An explicit description of the nature of the proposed event, expected participants, and all other logistical needs of the event submitted in writing to the Associate Director.
  • A signed Facility Use Agreement. All negotiated fees, charges and payment terms are included in the final executed agreement.