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Special Events

Event Spaces

The University has a variety of rooms ranging in size and functionality. Whether you are looking to present a smaller lecture or facilitate a high-profile concert, we have the space to accommodate your event.

NYC Campus List of Rooms

Room Capacity & Set Ups Photos
Aniello Bianco Room 120 – with 12 rounds
150 – lecture
Aniello Bianco Room
Courtyard Round tables
Cocktail tables
BBQ setup
Student Union 210 – rounds
300 – lecture

Round tables
Lecture Style

**couches cannot be removed from room unless storage is arranged**
Meeting Room 40 – with 4 rounds
70 – lecture

Rectangular tables
Round tables
Lecture style
Reading Room 60 –with 6 rounds
75 – lecture

Rectangular and bean shaped tables in room with padded rolling chairs.
Gymnasium 350– with 35 rounds
700 – lecture (w/bleachers)

Round tables
Lecture Style
Rectangular tables
Pace Study 25 with Round tables
15 with U-Shape
30 Standing Reception
Special Approval Needed
Lecture Hall North 130 tier seating
Michael Schimmel Center Lobby Various capacities dependant on set up
Michael Schimmel Center for the Arts 700 Capacity with Tiered Seating
General Classrooms Various Capacities
Tablet Desk and Table and Chair Rooms
163 WM Classrooms
(1505, 1510, 1515, 1520, 1530, 1535)
1505 – 12
1510 – 10
1515 – 24
1520 – 15
1530 – 16
1535 – 30
Various Classroom Set Ups
No Image Available
Boardrooms North and South
1 Pace Plaza, 18th Floor
BRN – 15
BRS – 20
BRN & BRS - 35

One long table with large chairs. Has screen and sound system. Room can be split in half with wall
No Image Available
Dyson Conference Room
41 Park Row, 16th Floor
One long table with chairs
No Image Available

Westchester Campus List of Rooms

Room Capacity & Set Ups Photos
Butcher Suite Varies

80 - Round tables
100-lecture style
30-conference style
Lounge 201 Varies

Capacity 173
Boudreau Lounge Varies

80-sofas and chairs
Multipurpose Room Varies

Capacity 100
Fern Dining Hall Varies

250-lecture style
176- Round table
262- allows for exclusive setup
Gottesman Varies

250-lecture style
176- Round table
196-empty room
50-conference style
The Well 56- Round table
Conf. Room A/B 22- Conference style
11 when split
No Image Available
Conf. Room C/D 22- Conference style
11 when split
No Image Available
Setter’s Café 100- with lawn tables and chairs
200 – standing
Birnbaum Room 15-conference style No Image Available
Choate Art Gallery 100-standing
74-lecture style
64 round tables
Choate Conf. Room 14- Conference style No Image Available
Choate Dining Hall 48-lecture
16-conference style
Ann and Alfred Goldstein Fitness Center 3480-Maximum seating w/ the track
2458-maximum seating for sports events
3200-large stage and lecture style
3500-just bleachers
1000- round tables and chairs with small stage
Goldstein Sm. Conf. Room 15-Lecture Style No Image Available
Goldstein VIP Room 14-confernce style
40 lecture
100 just chairs
Welcome Center 20- lecture style No Image Available
Willcox Gym 700-lecture style
384- Lunch/dinner
60-confernce style
Willcox Classrooms (20,30, 33, 35, 36) Popular classrooms No Image Available
Lienhard Lecture Hall Lecture style seating
Miller Lecture Hall Set-up is as is, lecture style
Miller 16 Classroom set up
Miller 30 Classroom set up No Image Available
Goldstein 100 20-Conference Style No Image Available
Goldstein 200 15-Conference Style (V-Brick Room) No Image Available