Faculty and Staff Forms



To request a space with the Student Union please fill out the form below and either drop it off at the 8th floor of 41 Park Row or fax it to ext. 11916. 

Student Union Space Request Form

Once your space is approved by SDACA please fill out the Space Reservation Finalization form.  On this form you may also request any needed service orders from Food Services and submit your setup for the event space.

Special Events Finalization Form

If you need other services please contact the appropriate department by clicking on their name below:

  • Ed Media Website- to order media cabinet to be unlocked & other special needed technology
  • Dining Services Website- to order food, linens and china
  • Finance & Administration Website- to set up contracts, order decoractions & supplies and other financial transactions
  • Frankfort Parking Lot Request Webpage- to request a parking space at One Pace Plaza (fax to security upon completion)