Commencement 2011 Frequently Asked Questions

Commencement FAQs

(Undergraduate & Graduate)



When is Commencement?

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011. Undergrads  at 10:30 am participantsmustget there by9:00 am. 

Graduates 4:30pm in Avery FisherHall, Lincoln Center participants mustget there by3:00 pm.


Why did the location change from last year?

Please understand that Pace did not  choose to change of venue of Commencement this year. Rather Radio City Music Hall was not available due to a Cirque Du Soleil production in Spring 2011. As a result, the Commencement committee has been working diligently to research a location that would meet the needs of the graduating class and also have Commencement at an iconic location at the same standard as Radio City Music Hall. After looking at various places and reviewing site reports thoroughly over the course of the year, it was decided that Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center was the best suited place to host Commencement this year.


Why am I only receiving 2 tickets as opposed to 4 tickets in previous years?


The capacity of the Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center is approximately 1/2 the size of Radio City Music Hall and consequently in order to ensure that all potential graduates had guests attend, we were limited in the number of tickets per graduate.  Please be aware that not all graduates attend the Commencement ceremony so there may be extra tickets after the final cap and gown distribution. To obtain one extra ticket, you can enter the lottery at the Cap and  Gown distribution in April. Alternatively, we also have a simulcast in the Schimmel Theater and a web viewing of the ceremony as well for  your guests to enjoy. For options regarding disability seating for family members, please email your Commencement coordinator  at or


I need to order my cap & gownrental:

The cap and gown brochureswere sent in Januarywith all the information about graduation. They are sent to

whichever address you currently have listed with the OSA office.  These brochures were only sent to people who completed a “application for graduation” form with OSA. 


Information from the brochures and how to order your rental can be found online by going to: or go directly to to order your attire.


Why didn’t I get a brochure in the mail, my friend got one…

First ask these questions: 1-Did you file for graduation at OSA? (If NO, then tell them to do so) 2-How many credits did you have left to take after Spring 2011 ended? (If more then 12 they are not eligible).  Check my list of graduates and

confirm their address (If it is wrong, tell them to change it at OSA). If they aren’t on the list call the graduation office at 11910 to find out what they need to do.


How much is my attire? What does it include?

Associates= 59.74,   Bachelors= 67.02,   Masters= 70.98,   Doctoral= 98.03and it includes your cap rental, gown rental, hood rental, and an “opportunitas” blue & gown tassel for you to keep. Souvenir tassels cost $7.75 and Stolls of gratitude costs $17.70 each.


I don’t have a credit card, debit card or Pace One card!

You can pay with cash the day of the distribution directly to Herff Jones.  Please note, that we do not recommend this since these gowns are first come first serve on size and degree hood color, so you may not get what you need.  Also, there is a $25.00 late fee attached to the existing pricing. Try to find a relative or friend that can order it for you online.


What happens when I order?

When you order your cap & gown rental you also R.S.V.P to the commencement ceremony.  This tells us to make a package of instructions, information, invitations and tickets for you.  This package will be given to you when you pick up your cap & gown.


How many tickets am I getting? Can I get extra tickets?

You will be receiving approximately 2 (undergrad)/2 (graduate)tickets according to current counts. (the more grads there are graduating the less tickets each receive) You may enter a lottery for extra tickets on cap & gown day. Lotteries are not guaranteed, and they only happen if we have left over tickets.  You must order attire to receive tickets.  


When is cap and gown distribution?

Wednesday, April 27th  11:00 a..m.–7:00 p.m & Thursday, April 28th 3:00 p.m.–9:00 p.m in the Gymnasium on the C Level of 1 Pace Plaza.


What if I can’t make it to any of the distribution dates?

If you cannot make it to pick up your attire, instructions and tickets on any of the available dates you may send someone in your place with a note of permission and a copy of your identification.


I am not going to the Ceremony, is there anything I need to do?

Just be sure to file your “Application for Graduation” with OSA so they can issue your diploma.

Am I allowed to walk in this ceremony?

Students who expect to receive degrees in December 2010, May 2011, and September 2011 from the NYC campus are welcome to participate in the May 2011 commencement ceremony at Avery Fisher Hall , Lincoln Center. As long as you have 12 credits or less left to take at the end of the Spring 2011 semester you  may walk in the ceremony this year.  Exceptions can only be made by the Provost, Harriet Feldman.


I am an International Student who needs a Visa letter.

If you need a letter from Pace to verify your graduation date so that you may invite family from abroad to attend the

ceremony, please contact the Office of Student Assistance no later than early March 2011. Graduates in F1 student visa status planning to stay in the U.S. for employment after graduation should contact Mira Krasnov, International Student Advisor at (212) 346-1368 in New York for information on applying for post-completion Optional Practical Training (OPT). You can start the filing procedure for OPT in your last semester of study or within the next 60 days after your official completion date, but not later than the 1stweek of July.


Do children need a ticket?

If you have small children, usually under the age of five, they do not need a ticket as long as they can lap sit.  It is not Pace University checking tickets at the door, but regular Avery Fisher Hall staff so try to stay within the judgment call of normal ticket holder venues. 




I am a student with a Disability, or has a guest with a Disability. 


Students needing Disability assistance should speak to Jonelle directly, we can make special arrangements.


If you or a guest needs special accommodations we can make them available for you.  As part of the University policy we need to obtain a letter requesting special accommodations that includes what type of arrangements need to be made.  There is reserved seating set aside for these persons according to their situation.  Please be sure to indicate whether you need space for wheelchair seating, walking/ standing problems, hard of hearing individuals or individuals that have difficultly with vision. 


After you pick up your original tickets with your cap & gown you will need to stop by our office to exchange them for the special seating.  We are located in 41 Park Row on the 8thfloor. You may also turn in your letter at that time.


If you are the individual with the handicap we can discuss ideas for how you would like to handle the ceremony details.



Honors Recognition & Pre-Commencement

 If you believe that you will be graduating with honors you should be contacted by your academic school (i.e. Lubin, Dyson, etc.) regarding an awards ceremony that will take place the week before commencement.  There you will

receive an item to wear with your gown at commencement.   To find out more please contact your academic

department directly.


After the honors ceremonies there is a Pre- Commencement party in the Gym hosted by the Dean for Students office on Saturday, May 21st, 2011.  This is a purely social event open to all students and their families.  You do not have to be receiving honors recognition to attend.  Invitations are sent out in mid-April with detailed information. 


 What is my degree? What color is my hood?

Associate: (CSIS, Dyson, Lubin) (black, goldand blue)

BPS/ BBA= Bachelors of Business Administration (Lubin) (Drab)

BS= Bachelors of Science (CSIS, Dyson, Education, Lienhard) (Gold)

BA= Bachelors of Art (CSIS, Dyson, Education) (White)

BFA= Bachelors of Fine Arts– acting majors only not theater tech (Dyson) (Brown)

BSN= Bachelors in Nursing (Lienhard) (Apricot)

MBA= Masters of Business Administration (Lubin) (Drab)

MFA= Masters of Fine Arts (Dyson) (Brown)

MS= Masters of Science (CSIS, Dyson, Lienhard) (Gold)

MS in ED= Master of Science in Education (Education) (Lt Blue)

MST= Masters in Teaching (Dyson) (Lt Blue)

MS Pub= Master in Publishing (Dyson) (Maroon)

MPA= Doctorate in Public Administration (Dyson) (Peacock)

PSYD= Doctorate in Psychology (Dyson) (Royal Blue)

DPS= Doctorate in Professional Studies (Lubin) (Drab)

DPS= Doctorate in Professional Studies (CSIS) (Gold)

DPS=Doctorate in Professional Studies (Lienhard) (Apricot)


All gowns are black.


I received Westchester Information, can I walk in New York?

In order to walk in New York’s commencement and be listed in Commencement program in New York you have to change your campus at the OSA office. We can provide you with a New York brochure or you may order online and read the New York information by going to  We cannot change any records for you.


How do I purchase a Senior Class Ring?

There will be ring sale reps at the Senior Day and at the Cap & Gown distributions.  They will also be coming in on February 16th from 11-2, February 28 from 4-7, March 7 from 11-2, March 10 from 4-7, April 6 from 11-2, April 7th 4-7 at the Main Lobby in 1 Pace Plaza.   Rings can also be purchased at Cap and Gown distribution on April 27th  and April 28th.  You can also go to:



Last on-campus opportunities to have your Senior Portrait taken and displayed in the yearbook are:

 February 7  from 10am-4pm, February 9 from 3-9pm,February 10 from 10am-3pm, Monday, February 14 from 10-2pm.

Portraits will be taken in the Michael Schimmel Theatre entrance.  February 14th is the deadline for photos for the senior section of the yearbook. However, if you want to take senior photos for your family you may still go to Thornton Studios to take a picture in your cap & gown if you desire as well.  Their address is 150 West 25th Street, New York, NY 10001 and their Telephone is 212.647.1966. 


If you already have taken your picture for the yearbook, but haven’t ordered your copy, you may go

to: to www.YearbookOrderCenter.comand enter Pace's Order # 14182.