Student Leadership

About Leadership

What you may not have expected are some added benefits that go hand in hand with effective student leadership. Through first hand experience in planning and implementing projects, you can expect to develop your problem solving skills, to enhance your managerial techniques and to improve your interpersonal communication. You will have the opportunity to incorporate classroom theory into real life experience which will benefit you, time and again, both personally and academically.That's the advantage of membership!

We want you to be as effective as possible! We want you to be as successful as you want to be. We also want you to be aware that with effectiveness and success comes process and structure. We believe that, given accurate information and systematic planning, you will find the process to be liberating, helping you achieve maximum results in attaining your organization's goals. And, that's the advantage of using this resource. Information. Polices. Procedures. Helpful hints. The nuts and bolts to help you achieve excellence. These resources can help you save time and avoid unnecessary headaches but only if you read it and use it!

One final thought: the Center for Student Development and Campus Activities exists to help you and your organization become successful and active members of the Pace Community. We can help you plan, advertise, and run your program from start to finish. So when you're unsure of where to go or what to do, you may always turn to the Center for Student Development and Campus Activities. We want you to succeed!