Homecoming 2013 FAQ

When is the latest I can enter the concert?

You must be at the concert by 11pm. Doors will close and no re-entry will be permitted after 11pm!


Where do I pick up my Homecoming Broadway show tickets?

Broadway show tickets can be picked up at the SDACA Office. You must bring a copy of your receipt from your e-mail with you!


Will I be seated next to my family member or friend since we have to buy tickets separately?

When you come to SDACA to pick up your tickets with your receipt(s) we will give you tickets that are seated next to eachother.


How do I get my Homecoming Concert tickets?

Starting Monday October 22nd you can come to the SDACA office to pick up your tickets!


Where is the SDACA Office located?

We are located on the 8th floor of 41 Park Row.