Orientation FAQ

I'm a transfer student. Have my credits transferred?

Unfortunately, SDACA does not have that information. All of your inquiries must be directed to Admissions(212-346-1323). Similarly, if you have questions about Financial Aid, you should call 212-346-1300. And if you have questions regarding tuition you should call the Office of Student Assistance, or OSA, at 212-346-1578.

When is my tuition payment due?/How can I pay my tuition?

Payment is due the first week of August. A bill is generated and mailed to you. You may mail in payment with the bill, come directly into OSA(Office of Student Assistance) located on the first floor of One Pace Plaza during business hours or pay online via your student portal. <--(Clicking on the this link will take you to step-by-step instructions)

I originally wanted to go to the Pleasantville campus, but now I want to go to the NYC campus. (or visa versa)

For information about transferring between Pace campus' you will need to contact Admissions (212-346-1323) for an official change of campus.

I saw a schedule on my Portal, but I have 3 English classes and 3 Science classes! I have questions about my schedule. Who should I talk to about it?

A temporary schedule is entered for all incoming freshman to hold classes. Once you attend Orientation your schedule most likely will change and will be based on your placement test scores and major. If you already attended Orientation and have questions about your schedule contact the Office of First Year Programs and speak to Michael Verdino (212-346-1219).