Pay Tuition through Pace Portal

Follow these simple steps to pay your tuition through Pace Portal


Step 1. Login to your Pace Portal by clicking here.

Note: Your Pace ID is the beginning part of your Pace e-mail. That e-mail will be composed of your initials, a random set of numbers, and then the initial of the campus you'll be attending. To look up your e-mail go to Please go to to change your password. Do this before logging in anywhere else. Your initial pass word is your 2 (lower case) initials, a dash, then your 6-digit birthday in the following format: MMDDYY. For instance, if your name was John Doe and you were born on January 4, 1992 your password would be jd-010492.


Step 2. Once you've successfully logged in, click the students tab.


Step 3. On the left hand side of the screen click the link entitled "Registration, Grades and Tuition Schedule"


Step 4. Click "Pay Your Tuition and Fees Online"

Step 5. Click the drop down box and select the term you would like to make a payment for.


Step 6. Insert the amount you would like to pay and click submit.


Subsequent to clicking "submit" you will be promted for information regarding your payment preference.