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Dan Adjei Devante James Andrea Mayorga


Kelsey Laro


Sungi Clark Jessica Varghese


Jonathan Calixto Qadry Harris


Tameka Bazile Amanda Villavicencio


Ashley Lora


SGA Candidates for President

Dan Adjei

Pace University Pleasantville has come a long way thanks to the previous presidents and their executives for a job well done. As the saying goes, " A man can only do some but a man can never do all." The previous presidents have done so much for the student body, but there is still more to do for the student body. As an upperclassman of Pace University, I believe the changes I can make will help the school and the student body move forward towards the right direction.I am willing to work with faculty members to provide a mid-semester student evaluation. This evalution system would provide students and teachers the opportunity of a one-on-one evaluation of the student's current performance in their class. I will also work with the student government of the Pace New York City campus to bridge the gap between the students in the city and the students in Pleasantville through organizational events and community services. I will also hold leadership retreats and events that will bring student leaders and organizations together to network.I will bridge the gap between the student body and professional services such as the Counselling Center, Affirmative Action Office, and the Office of Multicultural Affairs. Students may know of these services, but may not feel comfortable utilizing them. If elected president, I plan to work with the residential life department and the RHA so that they conduct events for the students to promote a sense of ease. I plan to work with the Dean of Students to see if there can be a bigger study area for the Briarcliff Campus. This would assist the students who commute to the library late at night and on weekends by providing the ability to remain on the Briarcliff campus to do their studying. I plan to work towards the extension of library hours for students to have access to the library for longer hours. With these objectives, I believe that together we can moved the school in the right direction.If I am elected president, I will work with fellow executive board members to better the community. Some of my objectives will be the progress of midsemester evaluation, bonding between campuses, ehancement of the student staff relationship, and extension library hours. I will make sure to serve the people the way they want to be served and represent them the way they want to be represented. I will make sure to be the leader of the people by the people and for the people.


Devante James

My name is Devante James. I am currently a junior, pursing a major in Biological Phycology, on a Pre-Med track. Throughout the past 3 years at Pace University, I was actively involved on campus. They have taught me the leadership skills and given me the confidence to apply. My freshman year at pace, I joined many different organization such as, Black Student Union and Student of Caribbean Awareness. I am outgoing, adaptable and strive to always better myself. I was also an Orientation Leader for S.O.A.R 2015 and served as Vice President of Black Student Union. In the fall of 2011 I was honored to be able to join the first historical Black inter-collegiate Fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated While maintaining my studies, I felt that I had achieved so much with my involvement and contributions to the Pace Community. I figured “why stop there?” The Following year I became the President of my chapter, Senator of the National Pan-Hellenic Council. As an ambitious male; my mother always told me “I can achieve anything.” Being apart of these organizations shaped and molded me to the person I am today. Meeting wonderful peers along the way, I am a genuine person who can make you smile and would push you when you feel as if all hope is lost. I believe if my peers elected me as president, it would be my duty to improve not only my experience but the ones of the students who decide to come after me. I am running for this position because I am that ethical, active student who understands what the student body yearns for in this institution. Pace University is a great community and environment that I truly believe everyone should enjoy and make the best out of. If elected it would be my obligation to make sure that commuter, whose only experience is in the classroom, would break out of their shell. Being one with my fellow peers I won’t only lead them with my voice, I would listen to their thoughts, concerns, changes and feelings. I plan on being the voice for all of their opinions. Due to my involvement and presence on campus most students would recognize me and feel more comfortable to express their needs and wants. It is said that college is known to be the greatest four years of your life. Meanwhile, statistics show that just 18 percent of black males are enrolled in college today. I am a part of that 18 percent and some of my peers are also a part that 18 percent. Working together with the other 72 percent will hopefully give everyone the greatest Pace experience possible.


Andrea Mayorga

Hello Pace University! My name is Andrea Mayorga. I am currently a junior at Pace University majoring in Business Management and minoring in Political Science. I am running for Student Government Association President for the 2013-2014 year. When I began my journey here at Pace University I could have never foreseen that I would someday be the student leader that I am today. My Leadership on campus began with my first e-board position as Vice President of the Organization of Latin American Students and the position of President following shortly after. Currently, I am the Vice President and Vice President of Finance for the National Association of Latino Fraternal Organizations, as well as being Vice President, Recruitment Chair, and Academic Chair as a sister of Omega Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated. I am an emerging delegate of the Model United Nations team here are Pace University and have held a multitude of on-campus jobs including Student Activities Manager with the Office of Student Development and Campus Activities. When I began as a freshman here at pace I knew that I wanted to make the campus and the community a home away from home. I have been dedicated, trustworthy, and a fully committed student to the campus and have directly contributed to development of its community through my leadership. Strengths such as time achiever, include, communicator and activator are some of the things that have made me such a successful and hands on leader in my community. My desire to develop ideas and challenge my peers is one of the qualities that make me an excellent candidate for Student Government Association President. I believe that challenges are what allow the student body to flourish and I am completely prepared to tackle those challenges. My motivation to listen to student’s concerns and find viable solutions at Pace University is the drive behind me being such an active student leader and is the primary purpose for my candidacy. I am consistent, open-minded, and just, this will allow me to be a mediator and unbiased as a liaison for students and administration. I strongly believe this is a key element in the success of building strong relationships. I hope to learn from past Presidents while continually innovative ideas to bring the student body to new heights. I am confident that if I am given the opportunity to be your Student Government Association President I will work my hardest to ensure that there is communication between the student body, from commuters to residents on campus to feel that they can be involved in the many diverse and large opportunities that the University offers in the academic and extracurricular activities, in order to enhance our Campus life.


SGA Candidate for Executive Vice President for Judicial & Compliance

Kelsey Laro

Hello Pace University! My name is Kelsey Laro and I am currently a Junior majoring in Business Management with a minor in Peace and Justice. I am running for Executive Vice President (Judicial Compliance) of Student Government Association for the 2013-2014 academic year. Being an active member of the Pace community is both an honor and privilege. Pace University has always provided me with the utmost support and guidance and I am truly grateful for the opportunties that they have provided me. Since my freshman year, I have always been a "go-getter" jumping right into different leadership positions that have given me the experience needed to qualify for this position. Being on Pace University's Women's Soccer team, an Orientation Leader and Peer Leader, AALANA mentor, Vice President of the Organization of Latin American Students, President of the Alpha Xi Chapter of Sigma Lambda Upsilon/ Señoritas Latinas Unidas Sorority,Inc., and many more, has developed me into a responsible, dedicated, and strong young woman. I am an upbeat, positive, outgoing individual, with a bubbly personality and an even bigger heart, who always has a smile on my face. I love building relationships with others and meeting new people. I am not afraid to have my voice be heard, as well as advocate for those who need it. I am not perfect, but I strive to be the best individual that I can be. Even though I love being silly, singing and dancing along to Beyonce songs, I ensure you that I will always handle my obligations, responsibilities, and duties to the best of my ability. I take all of my leadership positions very seriously and hold them in the highest regard. I believe that with the qualities that I have, I truly can make a difference within the Pace Community. I am running for this position because I have been an active participant within student organizations and have sat in Senate (SGA) meetings many times throughout my years here. I have seen what is needed to truly make an impact in this position both in and out of senate meetings. If elected as Executive Vice President, I fully intend to create relationships with all of the student organizations on campus so that the students feel comfortable approaching me with any issues, concerns, or questions they have regarding any judicial compliance or their standings as an organization. I plan to make sure that students become familiar with the Rules of Order as well as the motions that are used within senate meetings. I am truly passionate about this position and can't wait to hopefully be a part of something so meaningful, and one day lead the way for other students to follow.


SGA Candidates for Vice President of Finance

Sungi Clark

My name is Sungi Clark. I’m a junior Lubin student pursuing a double major in Business Management and Finance. I’m a very involved individual on campus. I’ve been a Resident Assistant (R.A.) for the past two years, currently residing in Hillside/Hojos community, and I manage the budgets and finances for three different organizations on campus. I’m a very down to earth individual that enjoys the company of others. I love when I’m able to be there for those in need and help them however necessary, hence my being a resident assistant. Trust is a big deal for me. Surrounding myself with people that I can trust to not only come to my aid when needed but to also hold me accountable when I mess up, is important to me; for I believe that’s a true representative of character. I’m a firm believer that one of the most important things that any one person possesses is their word. I will never make a promise that I can’t commit to keeping. Just the same, when I say I’m going to do something I will do whatever’s in my power to fulfill such statement as efficiently and effectively as possible. I’m no stranger when it comes to work. You can ask anyone that knows me and the first thing they’ll probably say is all I do is work. If elected as the Vice President of Finance, I promise to remain consistently dedicated to working as diligently as necessary to ensure a stable financial system for the Student Government Association. My first order of business will be to continue the current weekly Budget Allocation Committee meetings held by the treasurers of each student organization. These meetings are significant in that they take away the treasurers perception of the treasury position as just a single position meant to deal with their org alone and puts them in a situation where they now have to be financially conscious of everyone’s budget requests besides their own; focusing more on the overall budget and how the funds used from it can benefit the student body as a whole rather than the few. The role as treasurer for an organization is far more important than just submitting BMS’s. I plan on working with them to improve the efficiency of which requests for funds are approved to ensure that instances like blindly approving events without proper review and discussion doesn’t continue to happen. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us” and I ask that you trust that I have it within me to run a successful term as the new Vice President of Finance.


Jessica Varghese

My name is Jessica Varghese and I am running for the position of VP of Finance for Student Government Association. I’m currently a second year accounting and finance major. I am a hard-working, dedicated student here at Pace. My experiences in the past and present have prepared me for the responsibilities that this position entails. I have been working under the current VP of Finance as a finance delegate this past year. Part of that job requires me to properly ensure that all of the Student Activity funds have been accounted for. Working as a finance delegate has given me an insight to the responsibilities of the VP of Finance. In addition to being a finance delegate, I have been involved with the Student Government Association for the past year and a half. I have been a senator and an alternative senator for DHOSA. This has allowed me to see the interests of the student body and the inner workings of the Student Government. Before coming to Pace, I was a state officer for Future Business Leaders of America. This position helped grow my leadership and time management skills and allowed me to connect to the other members on a new level. If elected, I will bring all these past and present qualification to further improve the experience of the student body at Pace University. This year there have been a lot of changes happening to the Student Government Association. If elected, I want to advance these changes to further the involvement of the student body at Pace University. I plan to improve communication among the VPs of finance in the organizations to give everyone a clearer understanding of what is going on, and make them more aware of where funds come from and where they go. I want to help organizations learn how to become more economical with the funds we are given. I also want to help organizations create events that further the involvement of the student body. Most of all, I plan to be a liaison between the student body and the Student Government. I am always open to any suggestions or concerns you may have. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Candidates for Vice President for Unity and Social Justice

Jonathan Calixto

I am seeking your vote for Vice President of Unity and Social Justice. As a current Junior, majoring in Media and Communications, with a minor in Psychology I have taken my two years at Pace University to become an active student leader. Having been involved in organizations such as Gay-Straight Alliance, Pace Drama Alliance, and Glee Club, I have held Executive Board positions such as President, Secretary, and Senator. These roles have increased my knowledge on what it means to be responsible, dedicated, and work efficiently with others. Having been one of the creators of Pace: Make A Difference Day Spring Edition, and giving time to The LOFT, I have further understood the joy of being able to volunteer and give back. Holding other roles as Orientation Leader Summer 2011, Student Activity Manager, part of the pilot group of Setter’s Leadership Program I have applied time management skills, and learned about other skills I can apply to this position. Through my experiences as a commuter, resident, and student leader I want to apply the three and serve our Pace community through its entirety by enriching, educating, and becoming hands on. I am a firm believer that one can truly learn through actual experience, and I want to create more experiences in which we can give back and bring unity not just within our campus but our community as well. As your VP of Unity and Social Justice I want to continue our understanding of social issues, and understanding of different cultures, identities, race and abilities. The position requires someone capable of educating, and leading our student body to discussions that may push the boundaries, but will challenge us to further our understanding of differences. If elected, I will continue Tunnel of Oppression, and expand its purpose on our campus. I want to introduce the idea of service projects revolving around issues and topics we can relate to, allowing us to get personal experience, and make the change we can in our generation. I want to create more events that can bring out our commuter students and enrich their time while on campus, allowing them to have the same experiences as residents would. Also for residents, continue creating strong events focusing on social issues that are arising in our generation. Finally, open the position of VP of Unity and Social Justice to allow creative input, and take what is on our minds as students, educators, and professionals to create more discussion within ourselves.I want to incorporate our past, in the present, with results for the future.


Qadry Harris

If I am Elected Vice President of Unity and Social Justice, I will attempt to shed light on issues of social justice that often get overlooked or not recognized as injustices. One of these unnoticed topics is the matter of distributive justice in contemporary societies. Distributive justice is that which is concerned with the allotment of civil liberties, social responsibilities, and services in consonance with the virtues of the individual and in the best interest of society. Over time, various opinions and ideas emerged on how to handle the phenomenon of distributive justice. One of the popular beliefs today is that each individual should be left to fend for themselves, and the strong will survive. This system would be reasonable if every individual in society was starting off on an equal playing field and from the same point. We know that this is obviously not always true. This is why the twentieth century political philosopher John Rawls offered an opposing view regarding distributive justice. Rawls claimed contemporaries should place themselves behind a hypothetical that omits knowledge of individual statuses; “The principles of justice are chosen behind a veil of ignorance”. The reasoning behind this it to block people off from knowing what individual stakes in society is in order to objectively determine the system to implement. For example, if a market owner was to implement a justice system, he would be inclined to implement a system favoring small businesses. What happens in most societies is that the wealthy citizens are those responsible for constructing the justice system. As expected, these citizens usually employ a system that greatly benefits their elite class. Rawls proclaimed that his “Veil of Ignorance” is the solution to these biases. The conclusion defines justice as fairness. Behind this veil, Rawls is convinced that the rational system to utilize is one that would offer a social safety net for underprivileged populaces. His thinking behind this is that justice is a combination of equality and freedom. Meaning that in a just society, everyone for the most part, begins on a level playing field and is allowed to freely choose the direction on their lives. One is not equal or cannot pursue freedom if people are deprived of basic wealth and credible education, or persistently enduring discrimination. This is evident throughout the various neglected inner-cities in America. Many young people born into these harsh situations have the innate ability and natural intelligence to be very successful and to positively impact the world. However, these people rarely prosper because many are forced to hurdle so many unnecessary hindrances along their journey. If elected, I vow to bring awareness to and help eliminate these obstacles to freedom.


Candidates for Vice President of Programming

Tameka Bazile

I’m not entirely sure how to start this or necessarily “sell” myself to your liking. I can try by letting you all know that I am a leader. I lead by example and I pride myself in always traveling off the beaten path but ending up at the same destination. I mean, isn’t that what this is all about? Making your own noise, following your heart and filling up a drawer full of memories before we get to that diploma? I will always encourage the Pace community to live this way, not because that is how I live but because it is the right way to live. We are all here for the same thing but the way we get there should differ as greatly as we do. This is why I want to by your Vice President of Programming. I do not want to follow in the footsteps of my predecessors. I want to create my own path, with the student body behind me creating theirs as well, and come to a destination we all agree with; a destination we all wanted to see. I have been involved in Student Government as an Associate Justice since the beginning on this academic year. Before that, I attended the American Student Government Association Conference where I met with and befriended students from hundreds of other schools and SGAs around the nation. I was probably also your Orientation Leader and if I was not, I hope to have at least have made a positive impression on you. I have most likely greeted you in the hallway, interacted with you via Facebook, or sent a smile your way in passing. If you have not interacted with me in anyway, then I want to let you know that I am, indeed, a leader, a student and a friend. I am responsible and organized. I may not have done everything at this school, but I have done a lot. Most of all, I really love this school and I want to serve it by giving you a year of mind-blowing programming that contribute to your drawer of college memories. I may only be a sophomore but I am ready to be your Vice President of Programming.“All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsions, habit, reason, passion, desire.” Aristotle


Amanda Villavicencio

As Vice President of Programming as well as an executive member of SGA I believe diversity is necessary for successful events and politics. If I were elected into this position I would ensure that there is diverse programs and events that can attract students from all backgrounds. Such as residents/commuters, Greeks/ non-Greeks and all nationalities, gender and beliefs. I would reach out to all members of the Pace community, in hopes of reaching the entire campus with some events especially monumental weeks and weekends, such as Homecoming and Spring Fling week. I believe in order to succeed everyone must work together, I would ensure that there will be several opportunities within the programming committee for people to have positions to oversee events/ projects or volunteer, whichever the student may prefer.


Candidate for Vice President of Administration

Ashley Lora

Student Government Association’s purpose is to serve the students of the community in which it is based on. In order to be efficient, the communication between students and the organizations on campus must be strengthened alongside with staff and faculty. The Vice President of Administration’s main focus is finding new ways of communication, and ensuring that voices are being heard. I, Ashley Lora, want to expand the realms of communication to include the numerous departments and student services provided on campus. Not only will I be strengthening the documentation behind Student Organizations, it is my plan to unify the community of students and staff alike. This will be done through revamping current required documents for student organizations, and making sure that certain information becomes accessible for all students. The Administrative Task Force will continue to be a student-ran committee that voices concerns of different services on the Pace campus. The information from the Administrative Task Force will also be accessible to the public through OrgSync. The public availability of these documents and information will allow students to be aware of what is being done on their behalf. As Vice President of Administration of Student Government Association, I vow to be efficient and very detailed in obtaining and giving out information in every SGA meeting. The foundation of which I base my duties on will be working on organizations and their members, voicing the concerns of my peer students, making important information available to the public, and enhancing the experience of Student Government Association on the Pace Pleasantville Campus.