Mission and Purpose, Pleasantville Campus Chaplain

Mission Statement

The Pleasantville Campus Chaplain is a person where students, faculty, staff, administration and guests can come to get spiritual nourishment.  



Programs/ Services-

Interfaith Council – is the pulse of the student body with regards to faith/ spiritual issues.  It is the planning board, chaired by the Campus Chaplain that identifies events of broad interest or appeal.  It is also comprised of representatives of varying denominations from the local civic communities (in other words- representatives from clergy, synagogues, mosques, churches, etc). 

Coordinating Advisor for Faith-based Organizations –  

Social Justice - Serves as a liaison to any department, individual or organization in search of programs/ services relative to spirituality and social justice.  This can include a relationship between faith-based groups, faculty, external organizations, etc. 

Casual Conversations Series – a program series offered for either special event or in classroom experience that depicts topics which integrate faith and social justice.