Setters Leadership Program (SLP)

Creating servant minded student leaders who ultimately will recognize and articulate
their ability to impact the change process.

The Setters Leadership Program (SLP) was created in Spring 2011 as a premier, three-tiered leadership development and education certificate program open to all Pace University (Pleasantville) students. The Setters Leadership Program is service-focused and grounded in the change process. It is unique to Pace University and designed by Pleasantville staff, faculty, and students. The Setters Leadership Program ultimately advances and influences the student leadership culture on campus. Please direct any questions to Jeff Domagala, Coordinator for Leadership Initiatives at


What are the requirements?

What are the benefits of SLP?

  • Candidates must complete application by application deadline. Applications for Cohort #4 (Fall 2014) are due Monday, August 3rd by 5pm.

  • Minimum GPA requirement: 2.5

  • Incoming freshmen and rising sophomores qualify to be SLP scholars; rising juniors and seniors qualify to be SLP mentors.

  • Attendance at an overnight off-campus retreat (August 24-26, 2015), six (6) workshops per semester, a semesterly reception, and completion of the "Tier Transition" requirements.

  • Leadership competencies you can use in job and internship interviews that will set you apart from other candidates. You will be able to explain and prove to future employers that you are qualified and ready for the professional world--perhapseven more than their current entry-level employees--due to your understanding of the leadership process.

  • Leadership advising opportunities from the Leadership Advisory Board and SLP Mentors.

  • SLP jacket and patches (displaying which SLP Tiers you have successfully transition through), other program giveaways, and apparel.

  • Recognition at graduation, program completition awards, and a special awards ceremony for completing all three tiers.

  • Connections and friendships with other SLP Scholars.

Apply today!

*Applications are due by August 3rd, 2015*

Setters Leadership Program