Student Association Candidates - Anthony L. Fanelli

Anthony L. Fanelli

Position Desired: VP of Finance

Major: Accounting & Finance


Student Association Associate Justice

  • Assisting with the start of clubs and organizations.
  • Propose sanctions for those organizations that do not meet the standards of excellence.
  • Attend weekly Student Association meetings.
  • Attend weekly Associate Justice meetings.

Town House Hall Council President

  • Plan and organize events and activities for the residential community.
  • Attend weekly Resident Hall Association meetings.
  • Run weekly E-Board meetings.

Alpha Phi Delta Scholarship Chair/Active

  • Brother
  • Monitor and advise members regarding academics.
  • Work with Academic Advisor to ensure all members are maintaining good study habits, and time management skills.

Position Statement

Hello my name is Anthony Fanelli and I am running for the position of Vice President of Finance. I am a Sophomore Accounting and Finance major and I have a great knowledge of the area in which the position entails. I am an active student leader; assuming the responsibilities of an Associate Justice for Student Association, Town House Hall Council President, and an active Brother of Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity. As Vice President of Finance I promise to work together with the Senate and your organizations as a whole to ensure that the  student body at Pace University benefit. The current budgetary structure is effective, but I want to create and expand on the productivity of allocating funds in terms of when and  how. I will work hard in creating unity through communication that is essential for our school to function properly and smoothly. I am the best candidate for this position because working hard is the customary; which is attributed by good values and positive ethics that were instilled throughout my life. My leadership skills, knowledge and time management  have enabled me to motivate others. Not only do I bring all these qualities and attributes to this position, but my dedication to execute is unsurpassable. As the Vice President of  Finance, I promise to gain your trust and faith. Thank you for your time and consideration.


What interests you about being a candidate for the Student Association Executive Board?

I am studying the fields of Accounting and Finance and the position would be a great experience to have. I also am interested in the position because I currently am an Associate  Justice and want to become a leader on the Student Association Executive Board.


What makes you the best candidate for the position?

I feel that with my leadership skills, knowledge, time management, and drive and motivation I am the best candidate for the position. I not only bring all these attributes to the position but I bring myself, I dedicate to do the best I can do with the job. Additionally, I have a knowledge of how SA operates; I have attended BAC Meetings held by the VP of Finance and spoken with him regarding what the job entails and know that I can handle the work load.

What are the core values you associate with the term "student leadership"? Please elaborate.

Core values associated with student leadership is decision making, unity, respect and loyalty. Student leaders need to be able to make decisions that will provide the most benefit for  people affected. Unity is essential for organizations to function properly and smoothly. Leaders should know how to bring unite others so they can work efficiently and effectively.  Without respect for one another and the work at hand the organization cannot work to its full potential. Leaders should be role models and set examples for others to follow. Leaders  need to be loyal to their counterparts and coworkers so others can have trust and faith in them as well support their decisions.

How/why does effective student leadership require ethics and integrity?

Effective student leadership requires ethics and integrity because leaders must know what is right and wrong, what they can do and what is not acceptable. Student leaders are  responsible for representing not only themselves but their organizations and they must do so in an honest and ethical fashion.

How will your legacy at Pace University look?

I hope that my legacy at Pace is that I was very involved within the school and found ways to give back to the student body and that I assisted in improving the school.