Student Association Candidates - Brian Keegan


Brian Keegan

Position Desired: President

Major: Biology & Criminal Justice


VP of Finance for Student Association (2010 - 2012)

VP for Alpha Chi Rho (2010)

Philanthropy Chair for Alpha Chi Rho (2010)

Fundraising Chair for Alpha Chi Rho (2010)

VP of Finance for Pace Fencing Club (2009-2010)

Risk Manager for Alpha Chi Rho (2009-2010)

Programming Chair for Alpha Chi Rho (2009 - 2010)

VP of Finance for Colleges Against Cancer (2009-2010)

Senator for Criminal Justice Society (2008-2009)

Position Statement

After Four Years serving in Student Association, with two of those years in service as VP of Finance, I am uniquely suited to serve as President of Student Association for the  2012-2013 Academic Year. I have seen many successes and failures on the part of SA in the past four years and I have the most experience with how to handle both. I have been a  major part of the tremendous advancements in SA of the past two years and I have a very good feel for the direction the organization is taking. I have been actively involved in the  current attempts to continue restructuring SA to better represent and serve the needs of the Student Body as a whole. I am more familiar with the constitution, policies and procedures of SA than anyone else could possibly be. I am, therefore, better suited than anybody else to continue the process of improvement. One of my major visions for the future  of Student Association is the implementation of a unified means of planning and promoting events on campus. I would like to guide the executive board and senate to initiate a  process by which all events are planned and prepared through a single unified system to ensure better variety and a better distribution of events throughout the year. I would also like to see the continuation of the steps taken by the current VP of Programming to improve the means of communicating information to the Student Body because I know this has always been something we have struggled with. Finally and perhaps most importantly I am familiar with the roles of the executive board. I am very comfortable with exactly what is involved with each position. As the forefront of the executive board, the President needs to be able to step quickly into the role and facilitate the transition and immediate progress of the  board. This requires that the candidate be not only familiar with each members roles in the executive board but with the direction and current activities of SA as a whole. For the sake of everything that has been started in the past two terms, we need a President who is absolutely aware of where everything currently stands.


What interests you about being a candidate for the Student Association Executive Board?

I have been a member of Student Association for almost four years and I have served on the Executive Board for two of those years. I have seen the development of SA from what was essentially a disorganized attempt at student representation to a reasonably cohesive, well administered student governance system. I feel that the next year will represent the  culmination of the transformation into a fully functioning student body. I have seen exactly how important the leadership roles are to leading the student body to excellence and I  feel that my experience makes me exceptionally qualified and prepared for this.


What makes you the best candidate for the position?

I have had by far the longest and most in depth experience with Student Association of any person eligible for Candidacy. I started going to SA meetings week two of my Freshman year and have only missed about 5 since. I am entirely committed to the position as has been proven in my term as VP of Finance. I have a very well developed understanding of the mechanisms not only of SA itself but of the university as a whole as it relates to student affairs. I have been with SA through the last two years of major developments and I have a very good idea what direction the student body is traveling and how to help keep it on track.


What are the core values you associate with the term "student leadership"? Please elaborate.

Integrity is critical for Student Leadership. It allows you to consider every decision based on the associated merits of each option and ensures that one always acts consistently and in keeping with all other values.

Fairness is essential for student leadership as well. Having a good sense for what is fair and just is necessary in order to ensure that every student gets equal opportunity and support.

Perspective is critical to this position. Particularly in the role as president, a student leader needs to be able to look at the greater context of decisions as a whole. Every choice and action of the executive board reflects on SA as a whole and either encourages progress in the right direction or is counterproductive or distracting. It is essential to maintain direction throughout the process.

Finally and possibly most importantly determination is key. If a student leader possesses all of the previous qualities but gets discouraged or loses motivation easily there will be very little progress because if anything is certain in this role, it is that there will be obstacles to be overcome and the executive board must enthusiastically set themselves do resolving and overcoming those obstacles.


How/why does effective student leadership require ethics and integrity?

As mentioned in the previous question, ethics and integrity are crucial to student leadership. Integrity is the keystone which ensures that all situations are addressed in a consistently  ethical manner and ethics are essential to fair and just treatment of all people. The idea of ethical responsibility is the cornerstone of civilized society and Student Association is no different.


How will your legacy at Pace University look?

I would like to see an end to the petty disputes andissues that have plagued student life at Pace. I would like to see organizations programming cooperatively with the primary goal of service to the student body. I would like to see a solid and reliable SA constitution that I can believe will stand the test of time. I would like to further the past efforts to unite  University Faculty and Administration withSA in order to better serve the students. I know it won't be perfect but if we can continue the process I can be proud of my legacy.