Student Association Candidates - Janike-Vivianne Bradshaw

Janike-Vivianne Bradshaw

Position Desired: VP of Programming

Major: Criminal Justice


Programming Committee

Resident Hall Association - VP of Dow Hall

Black Student Union

Students of Caribbean Awareness



Unity and Social Justice Committee

Peer Educator

Position Statement


Ever since I was younger I have had a dedicated spirit and would put my all into any task that I did. From the age of 5 I developed a passion for dancing and have been committed to it ever since. Dance has taught me a lot in life such as perseverance, selfcontrol, and time management. Traveling between different dance classes as well as being involved in school, almost every second of my day had to be scheduled. I feel like the skills that I have learned while studying the art of dance can be applied to the position of VP of Programming  because both require creativity, adaptability, and patience. As Ive gotten older and havent been able to dance as much as I would like, this position would be a new way for me to  channel all of my positive energy. Ive been working on Programming Committee since freshman year, but the last two years have really influenced me to seek a position of greater involvement in the committee. I have been implicitly involved in the planning and execution of many of the events in the past two years, such as, Homecoming, Annual Spring  Concert, Welcome Back Week, and much more. I believe that my indepth experiences as a member of the Programming Committee since my freshmen year gives me an insight into  what the position entails. I have many fresh ideas and would transition smoothly into the role of V.P., which would be beneficial for the committee on a whole. I believe I will be able  to lead the Programming Committee in a direction that would encompass the entire student body effectively and efficiently. As a member of the committee I am aware that there is a  vast population of the student body that is left uninvolved every school year. As V.P., my goal will be to reach the entire student population and have them engage and participate in  the various campus events hosted each year.

What interests you about being a candidate for the Student Association Executive Board?

I am interested because I have been involved with Programming Committee since freshman year and always enjoyed it. It suits my ability to interact with other people and work hard  to come up with creative ideas and events to satisfy the entire student body. As a current member on the committee, Ive worked closely with Ms. Crystal Norwood helping her make  sure things are running smoothly within all aspects of the many events held during the school year. She is a great mentor and from watching all of her hard work turn into success, I have been inspired to do the same.


What makes you the best candidate for the position?

I would be the best candidate for this position because I enjoy taking on challenging tasks and completing them to the best of my ability. I would describe myself as creative, patient,  dedicated, hard working, and I take pride in all of my work. I am a workaholic with a smart personality, pleasant nature and excellent interpersonal skills with a positive attitude. I enjoy learning new things and always willing to learn more. I am also enthusiastic and have a desire to excel when it comes to helping reach various goals.


What are the core values you associate with the term "student leadership"?  Please elaborate.

When I think of the term student leadership, I think of setting an example for others. As a leader I must be able to guide and educate other students. I have to be an example for them and make wise decisions that can be a benefit to all. I also believe that passion is associated with this term as well because without it, my influence wouldnt be as effective or sufficient. With this term comes responsibilities, and because of this I must be cautious, patient, honest, and dedicated to everything that I do and all that I am involved in.


How/why does effective student leadership require ethics and integrity?

Effective student leadership requires ethics and integrity because as a leader I must be fair and cater to all of my students. I have to understand what they like and what events they would like to see on campus. There would be no time for favoritism or unfair choices. I also have to create programs that reflect the diversity of the Pace community background. Ethics and integrity allows students to not only have a relationship with their leaders but to trust in the decisions that are ultimately being made for them. Having ethical standards as well as a moral code is mandatory in a leader because I am the example of what is right and wrong.


How will your legacy at Pace University look?

If given the opportunity to hold this position, I plan on leaving a legacy behind for others to follow. I would put my entire work ethic into action to help mentor and guide other  students who have plans on becoming student leaders. As Ive been told many times, a leaders legacy is defined by what they've done when they were no longer present, rather than what they have accomplished while there. I would like for students to remember me as one of their acquaintances, who worked hard to keep everyone gratified.