Student Association Candidates - Kathleen Melhorn

Kathleen Melhorn

Position Desired: Executive VP of Judicial & Compliance

Major: Communications


Students of Caribbean Awareness (Member, VP of Administration, Public Relations)

WPAW radio (VP of Administration, show host, Senator)

Black Student Union

AALANA mentee & mentor

Unity & Social Justice Committee

Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. (VP of Administration, Programming chair, NPHC Representative)

Associate Justice for Student Associatio

Position Statement

I came to Pace with my sneakers tied tight & a dream. No direction of how to get there, just a vision of the product. But as Harold A. McAllindon once said, go not where a path may  lead, but go where there is no path, and leave a trail. With some kindness, appreciation, time, inspiration and empathy, or KATIE for short, I have discovered how to do just that. In my  past three years at Pace I have been a mentor and mentee of African American Latino & Native American mentor program, VP of administration of both Students of Caribbean Awareness and WPAW radio station, Student Association Senator For WPAW, an associate justice, a member of USJ committee, programming chair and VP of administration for Sigma  Gamma Rho Sorority INC, and a member of many other student organizations. I molded myself into the person I aspired to be. I received and emitted kindness and appreciation,  managed my time, was inspired and learned how to empathize. If I am elected to be your Executive Vice President, I promise to give the student body a chance to become that dream  they seek through involvement in campus affairs and opportunity to make a change; a change to happen not only within themselves but the campus population as well. By providing a voice to the voiceless and a chance for students to receive the help they deserve to have, I will be that resource and representation the student body needs. The students of Pace University deserve to have their ideas and opinions understood. I will ensure their influence creates an impact, and educate as best I can to create a legacy. I plan to do this in business attire though, not sneakers.


What interests you about being a candidate for the Student Association Executive Board?

I want to be a voice for the students. I want to be the resource for answers. I want them to know that I can help them, and will. So many students have concerns, questions, issues, and dont know who to go to for help. I want to not only be that point of information, but also a representative for them. I want them to understand that I can better their experience at Pace and they shouldnt be afraid to come to me for help. I would like to keep order within the governing board of Student Association as well as help to make changes that benefit  the student body as a whole.


What makes you the best candidate for the position?

I know that I am the best candidate for this position because of the experience that I have gained through my leadership positions here at Pace and because of my love for this  position. Ever since I stepped foot into Pace and went to my first Student Association meeting, I aspired to have this position. I am fully qualified to complete all of the duties and responsibilities that are required of me in this position. I have prepared for this since my freshman year. I also hold a special appreciation for law and justice because it is my dream  to become a lawyer.


What are the core values you associate with the term "student leadership"?  Please elaborate.

I feel that some core values associated with student leadership are kindness, appreciation, time, inspiration, and empathy. When evolving into a student leader, one must uphold all  of these values. Kindness and appreciation are important because all leaders should emit these when they are fostering relationships with the students their serving. Without acts of kindness and appreciation for one another, students will not respect or trust the leader. Also, the value of time. If a leader doesnt manage their time correctly, it will be impossible to  serve everyone equally. Another important value is inspiration. Inspiration is important for all student leaders because without the ability to inspire, there is no motivation to grow.  Inspiration also creates influence; there must be influence in order for others to follow. Finally we need empathy. Those we serve must know that we understand and want to help  them. In conclusion, we need to educate, education is the key to creating a legacy. Other important values are accountability, and dependability; you need these things in keeping positions of leadership. One must be a servant leader, not a self-servant one.


How/why does effective student leadership require ethics and integrity?

In order for one to be a leader of students, one must be human first. Ethics are important in making decisions. Morality and justice are important aspects in leading. If one is unfair,  unjust, or without consideration of others, how can they make a decision to benefit everyone they are serving? Honesty and integrity are just as important because the students need  to feel like they can trust the leaders in these positions. The students need to know that you can govern and lead their organizations. If they cannot trust you, they will not put their  faith in you. Then your job cannot be done in retrospect to helping the students work towards greatness.


How will your legacy at Pace University look?

I would like for my legacy to look like a symphony of students working together. I would like for them to all want to be involved in Student Association and other activities as well. I  would also like them to want to pass legacies themselves. I would like for the students to have access to the right resources, become more knowledgeable themselves on the order of the student government, and have faith that the student government is reliable. I would like for Pace to continue to grow. I want that ambition for growth to come from my  inspiration. When I look back on my four years, I want to be remembered as the person who motivated the students to do more and work harder. I want to be a role model to all of the student leaders that come after me.