Student Association Candidates - Matthew Indik

Matthew Indik

Position Desired: VP of Administration

Major: Education


Chabad Jewish Club - Secretary

Programming Committee

Organization of Latin American Students (OLAS)

Future Educators Association (FEA).

Student Assistant - Student Development and Campus Activities (SDCA)

Orientation Leader

Associate Justice in Student Association


Position Statement

My name is Matthew Indik and I am running for the position of Vice President of Administration for the 2012-2013 Student Association Executive Board. I am currently a sophomore  Education major with a concentration in Mathematics. I am currently involved on campus as an Associate Justice in Student Association, a member of OLAS, and an AALANA Mentor. The qualities that I possess in order to become an effective member of Student Association are: respect, professionalism, impartial, and passion. Each of these values are very important in order to become an effective student leader, for one must demonstrate each of these qualities on a daily basis, especially when dealing with certain matters that can  affect the student body. If given the opportunity to become the Vice President of Administration, I want to become a representative of those students who may not be heard as loudly  as others. I want to create a bond of unity within the Pace community that cannot be broken. I also want to develop and strengthen the communication between students, staff, and  faculty of Pace University. Communication is a key element to success as an effective student leader. As an Associate Justice, I have hands on experience with each organization  currently on campus; therefore, I want to help the secretary of each organization with any questions or concerns that they may have regarding their position or about what needs to  be done to become an effective student leader. My overall goal is to help the people of Pace University become united as one, for we are stronger as a team.


What interests you about being a candidate for the Student Association Executive Board?

What fascinates me the most about being a candidate for the Student Association Executive Board is the opportunity to work with other people who share the same strive and  motivation to make Pace University a better place for the students. Each position hold various responsibilities that must be done the right way. This gives everyone the opportunity to see where our strengths and weaknesses may be and if our weaknesses to become an effective student leader. Just being a candidate for the Student association Executive Board will give me the opportunity to get myself more out there and more known to the Pace community.


What makes you the best candidate for the position?

What makes me the best candidate for this position is my determination and work ethic. No matter what I may have going on in life, I will always put my responsibilities ahead of  everything else. With any obstacle that is in my path, I never back down and confront it head on. Also, I want to help represent the individuals of the Pace community whose voices may not be heard as loud as others.


What are the core values you associate with the term "student leadership"?  Please elaborate.

Core values are defined as those things which we believe are the most important aspects of who we are and how we treat others. The core values that I associate with the term  "student leadership" is: independent, open-minded, respectful, assertive, passionate, and professional. When I say independent, I mean one that doesn't wait for others to take the first initiative to do or start something. Being open-minded is an important value that one must possess in order to be an effective student leader. Pace University is full of many  people who have different perspectives and ideas. Being openminded also deals with being respectful, for a student leader must take all the ideas an perspectives from the student body and try to come up with a solution that is best for everybody, along with delivering it in a respectful manner where no one may feel offended in any shape or form. Being  assertive is a big part in being a student leader, for one must believe in their abilities and that they are doing is because of their reasons and no one else. Also, one must never be coerced into doing something that they do not believe, for that can be a leaders downfall. One who is passionate is an important quality that a student leader should possess. When one has passion, they have that fire burning inside themselves that gives them that motivation and desire to press forward and keep going, despite the obstacles. Lastly, one who is professional is a core value that I associate with the term student leader. Being a student leader is a big responsibility and has a lot of power within the Pace community; therefore,  one must put their relationships with other students aside and make decisions for the benefit of their organization. One who is professional will not let the relationship with their fellow students should not influence one's way of thinking.


How/why does effective student leadership require ethics and integrity?

The two requirements that those in student leadership positions must have are integrity and ethics. Integrity is one of the most important qualities that an effective student leader  must possess, for they are the type of person that will be honest and do the right thing no matter the circumstances. Integrity requires one to make the right choice that affects everyone, even if you may not receive anything in return. An effective student leader must possess ethics, for they may have to handle certain situations and must remain calm and collective and push forward. A person with ethics shows that they are willing to work hard to achieve their goal, despite the challenges that they may face.


How will your legacy at Pace University look?

My legacy at Pace University will appear as an inspiration to the next generation of students at Pace University. I want to show them how involved and how much of a difference that  one person can make throughout one's college career. I am hoping that my legacy will motivate or inspire more students to become active student leaders and truly become a member of the Pace community.