Student Association Candidates - Melanie Londono

Melanie Londono

Position Desired: President

Major:  Political Science


Nu Zeta Phi (President, Website chair, UPC Representative)

University Panhellenic Council (Vice President of Recruitment, Programming committee)


Resident  Assistant

Orientation Leader

Model United Nations (Head Delegate)

Position Statement

Hello Pace University! My name is Melanie Londono, I am a junior political science major with a minor in law and communications and I am running for Student Association (SA)  President for the 2012-2013 academic year. In my past three years I have assumed many leadership positions which I believe provide me sufficient experience for this role. At Pace University I have been a Resident Assistant (2010-2012), Orientation Leader (2011), President of Nu Zeta Phi, Vice President of Formal Recruitment for University Panhellenic Council, President of Dow Hall Council (2009-2011), AALANA Mentor, and a Head Delegate for Model United Nations. Additionally, I've held on-campus jobs such as tour guide and technical assistant in Mortola Library. While at Pace I've maintained academic excellence by maintaining my scholarship and awarded Deans List honors. Qualities that I possess that would  make me an excellent candidate is my ability to remain consistent and fair, desire to develop an idea or person to reach maximum potential, and my commitment to the university  and its greatness. My ability to be consistent is what makes organizations I have been a part of to remain stable and without conflict. I am very much a mediator and unbiased person which has been a key element to my Resident Assistant job. My desire to develop has shown through improvements in my own sorority through new plans for growth and higher standards. My commitment and passion to the university has kept me improving the university through my small efforts by being a student leader. I am running for this position  because I have been an active student participant who understands what the student body yearns for and needs to improve the university student experience. I have also been on the receiving end of hearing student needs as a resident assistant and helping seek answers to issues. I hope to continue this on the larger scale by being a part of SA. If elected Student Association President I will make it a priority to improve communication to students who may not be actively involved in organizations and therefore are unaware of opportunities that the university has to offer. It is necessary to have a larger portion of the student body to be active in student government, university organizations, and administrative offices. As a member of Greek Life I understand the importance of mending the relationship of the governing boards to Student Association as it is beneficial to Greek and non-Greek students. It would be my duty to serve the student body in any way I am able to and be your voice. I am so proud of Pace University and I hope that I can add to this experience for other students.


What interests you about being a candidate for the Student Association Executive Board?

My first tour of Pace University I picked up a Paw Print. That edition happened to be the edition with the position statement of the candidates for the 2009-2010 Student Association.  While I was touring the campus I found one of the candidates in Kessel. I asked her questions about the position and the role of Student Association. Before even being enrolled at  Pace I knew it was a vital position for the student body. Throughout my year at Pace I've looked up to the Student Association as a model to run an organization. The organization not  only had a good structure, but great students who ran it. The student body relies on the structure of Student Association to host programs for the students, to address student  concerns, and to create opportunities for an excellent college experience. This is an additional aspect of the college life that Pace University is fortunate to have. I have been a part of organizations that rely on the efforts of Student Association. Without the governing board of SA this school would not be a well-rounded place of education.


What makes you the best candidate for the position?

I have been in the position of needing the Student Association to perform for the student body. I understand the needs of the students with this first hand experience in many  different aspects. Not only have I experienced my own concerns, but I have heard concerns of my residents as a Resident Assistant. Having the ability to connect to a majority of the  student body is essential because without the student body there wouldn't be a Student Association. As a resident assistant I experienced hearing concerns of my residents and doing all in my power to resolve issue. Additional experience I have is being President of Nu Zeta Phi. I believe there is always room for improvement and growth. As president of my  sorority I made sure to take my experience as being a member of the sorority and identify issues that could be fixed or areas that needed updated modification. Additionally, while taking on the project of creating UPC Formal Recruitment I had to be cautious of the new program implementation to not only add a new program that effects each UPC organization in recruitment members, but I had to make sure traditions of each organization was not infringed.My wide array of experience in represented students for different organizations have provided me with the skill to take on the position as SA president. I am a very careful person  when making decisions and this has been tested in the positions I have mentioned  previously. In all of these positions I also had to make sure there was clear communication between all parties. I am always very available and approachable. I believe I can represent the student body in a very professional and intelligent manner. I have experience in this being a Head Delegate of Pace's Model United Nations class/team representing countries such as France, Egypt and Ghana such as they would be represented in the actual UN. This gave me the experience of being a professional and skills of delegation.


What are the core values you associate with the term "student leadership? Please elaborate.

Consistency is a value I am very aware of on a regular basis. I believe it is important to remain consistent when applicable to remain fair. In a position of student leadership with a  group of peers, one could be persuaded to keep friendships a top priority and may sometimes cause friction in the organization if an inconsistent approach is taken. Development on a individual basis and team basis is important for improvement of the student body. I enjoy cultivating people and ideas for the goals of supreme success. I am hardly settled with  anything less than best. Not only do I take the approach to improve, but I make sure that it is taught for understanding and recognized as positive reinforcement. Community is a value that facilitates success for programs or organizations. If one shows dedication to attending another organizations program that will hopefully be reciprocated and will add to  the college experience. Participation of other organizations event helps the organization and yourself. Having a well-rounded group of people support your event will lead in a  successful program and a unified university. Commitment is necessary for success. Slacking off will show in the outcome of any project. The amount of dedication that is put into a  project will pay off in success. A leader's commitment also inspires members to follow in his/her footsteps and promote the same passion. Understanding is essential in a team that consists of a diverse group. Additionally, when being a leader for a diverse student body one must be aware of differences of opinions and must be open and understanding. To  simply be stubborn and not willing to understand another point of view will lead to the demise of potential success. Understanding someone else is a step towards growth and improvement.


How/why does effective student leadership require ethics and integrity?

Student leaders are looked up to by their peers. They are the example set for others. Ethics and integrity is necessary to be a good person. One must maintain their own morals and  respect morals of others. Without such standards there is chaos and corruption. A student leader must provide to their peers, not take away. Integrity and ethics provide for a  consistent and comfortable environment. However simple the concept may seem to be ethical and having integrity there can be moments of uncertainty, which is why it is important  to communicate with team members or superiors to reaffirm a difficult decision. Biased opinions are cracks to strong structures and must be recognized and improved on.


How will your legacy at Pace University look?

I hope my legacy will be known after my time at Pace, but that isn't my main concern. I hope in Student Association Executive Board 2012-2013 Candidate Application, submission  dated Mar 06, 2012, 03:01AM EST some way I improved someone's life as an RA, or inspired a student to apply to be an Orientation Leader. I hope to have helped an organization improve their programs. I hope Greek organizations have higher recruitment rates thanks to the Formal Recruitment I spearheaded. I know I will leave a legacy in some way. I'm always searching to do better by the student body. I want people to be able to have the same pride as I have of Pace University. As hopeful President of the Student Association I hope to be a  president that student will serve the students in the highest capacity. I hope to reach out to as many people as possible if elected and show them that Pace University can provide  them the best college experience possible.