Student Association Candidates - Sarah Croghan

Sarah Croghan

Position Desired: VP of Programming

Major: Applied Psychology, Human Relations


Section-rep for North Hall's Hall Council


Student staff - Student Development and Campus Activities

President  - Martin Hall's Hall Council

Student staff - Financial Aid

Treasurer - Residence Hall Association

Position Statement

As your future Vice President of Programming I am confident in my ability to manage this position and the committee that falls under it. As a member of the Student Association  Executive Board I will push for an amendment of the Constitution to reduce the amount of the Student Association Budget that is allocated to this position. From a positional stand point, I would like to look into revising the current Programming Model to broaden the parameters that programs need to meet. Also, the type of programming that this office has  been focusing on in the past needs to change. Instead of proceeding with events that will overshadow the success of other organizations, more events will be used to fill in the gaps  by means of diversity and timing. Lastly, the spring concert has become an annual event that is expensive and could be better attended by the Pace community. Should I be voted into the position of Vice President of Programming I will look into alternatives that would be more popular and less expensive than what has been done in the past. It has already been  brought to my attention that the student body is looking for events and programs that are new and innovative, compared to the standard events that the Pace community sees each  year. By electing me as Vice President of Programming you are opening the door to evolve how programming is done here at Pace University.


What interests you about being a candidate for the Student Association Executive Board?

The Student Association Executive Board is an opportunity to be the voice and driving force of the student body. Particular to the position of the Vice President of Programming, it is an opportunity to create and execute events on a large scale to benefit the Pace community.


What makes you the best candidate for the position?

I believe I am the best candidate for the VP of Programming position because of my experience with creating and executing events and openmindedness to potentially change the way this position functions. I have been a student leader for the past two years through Hall Council and the Residence Hall Association. In the past, this position has received a large portion of the budget allocated to student activities. It does not seem neccesary for one person to control that amount of the budget, when there are ways to do these events that are more cost effective. Also, the type of events this position creates are sometimes too extravagant and unnecessary, when it really should be the goal to fill in the gaps where other organizations are lacking. The current programming model is too rigid and does not leave much room for the types of programs that may be needed or wanted. Through revising the programming model it is possible to open the parameters for the types of events that would meet the guidelines. I am open to make these changes if the student body believes it would be for the better. I believe I am very approachable and easy to work with in order to function on an executive board.


What are the core values you associate with the term "student leadership"?  Please elaborate.

Some core values I associate with the term "student leadership" include passion, reliability, approachability, resourcefulness, honesty and possessing a vision for the future. Passion is important because you need to care about what you are doing in order to be an effective leader. I have a passion for programming, therefore it would be a priority for me should I get the position of Vice president of Programming. Reliability is an essential component of leadership because it is imperative to be seen as a constant and never let your student body down because you did not prioritize properly. Approachability is important because people need to feel comfortable coming to you with ideas and concerns. Being resourceful  has many different meanings. Primarily, having the ability to plan ahead and be resourceful mentally in case of any obstacles is important. The other side of it is being aware of  everything you have available to you in order to support you in accomplishing your goal. Honesty is an essential value to have as a leader and in everyday life. To be caught lying even once could ruin your integrity and reputation. It is never worth the risk - honesty will always be the best policy. Lastly, goals are vital and are a main factor of having a vision for what the ultimate result is. Without a vision you are working blindly towards a goal and will have little direction to go in. By having a vision you are able to establish a mission or plan to accomplish it.


How/why does effective student leadership require ethics and integrity?

Student leadership requires ethics and integrity because you are the voice representing a group of individuals. If you do not value others' input and opinions, you cannot be an  effective leader. Ethics become involved when dealing with money or surveys. If you are not ethically sound, skewing opinions and responses will help you get what you want, but  that is not what your position is about as a leader. If you cannot represent your student body properly and give credit where it is deserved, take criticism seriously, listen to and  answer questions and requests, you will not be effective as a student leader.


How will your legacy at Pace University look?

My legacy would include the gradual change of the type of programming done by the VP of the Programming as well as reducing the amount of budget allocated to the position. In  general, the programs would not look to overshadow the achievements of other organizations, but fill in the gaps with fresh and new ideas. Some events such as the Spring concert would be determined through surveys distributed to the student body.