Student Association Candidates - Tania DePalma

Tania DePalma

Position Desired: VP of Unity & Social Justice

Major: Political Science


National Conference of Student Leadership in fall 2010

Orientation Leader - S.O.A.R 2015 program

Student Activity Manager - Student Development and Campus Activities

Student Assistant - Human Resources- Benefits Department

 Omega Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated

Organization of Latin American Students

Programming Committee.

Senator - National Association of Latino Fraternal Organizations (NALFO)

Model United Nations

Alumni, Students and Professors Influencing Recruitment and Enrollment (ASPIRE)

Peer Educator - Office of Multicultural Affairs & Diversity Programs

Position Statement

Hello Pace University! My name is Tania DePalma and I am currently a junior here at Pace University majoring in Political Science and minoring in Prelaw and Peace and Justice Studies.  Pace University has consistently provided me with opportunities of personal growth and development. Throughout my three years, I have flourished as a student leader on campus  through becoming actively involved in various positions such as being an Orientation Leader for the S.O.A.R 2015 program, currently being Public Relations chair as a sister of Omega Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated and Senator for the National Association of Latino Fraternal Organizations. I am also a delegate of the Model United Nations here at Pace University and have been involved with organizations such as ASPIRE, the Peer Educator Program and the Programming Committee in the past. I have continuously been a dedicated, responsible and  reliable student fully committed to enriching the experience of all Pace students on campus. I enjoy remaining informed and involved with the issues that greatly affect our society  today as young college students and always seek to enlighten those around me because I firmly believe that through unity, anything is possible. I strive to build strong relationships  with my peers, I am goal oriented and continually innovate and reach new heights and that is what I aspire to do with this position. I hope that through this position I am able to provide the campus with an awareness of the political, social and economic issues we face as the future generation. I look forward to bridging the gap between various student  organizations and bringing students of all walks of life together whether it be Greeks and non-Greeks, students of various cultures, races and sexual identities and even creating  more student-faculty alliances. I am confident that if elected for this position, I can seek to increase Paces diverse atmosphere and bring forth a unification of the Pace community like no other.


What interests you about being a candidate for the Student Association Executive Board?

What interests me about being a candidate for the Student Association Executive Board is being of service to the Pace community. I am interested in making the college experience of  students at Pace one that memorable, educating and enjoyable. My desire to run for an executive position is to be able to partake in the decisions that affect the student body as well  as staff and faculty on a daily basis. I am interested in collaboratively working with other student leaders to improve campus life and activities for students. I would like to leave a positive legacy at Pace and remain known as an individual who has made countless efforts to contribute and give back to the Pace community.


What makes you the best candidate for the position?

What makes me the best candidate for the position is my openness to new ideas, my familiarity with the student body and the logistics of Student Association. I have been an active  student leader on campus for the past two years and have extensive experience in working with students and various organizations on campus. If elected for the position I would be  dedicated to fulfilling all of my duties as well as searching new ways to improve the position of Unity and Social Justice. I am a fast learner who adapts quickly to change and will hit  the ground running if elected. I take pride in all of my work and am dedicated, responsible and enthusiastic about helping the Pace community achieve new goals.


What are the core values you associate with the term "student leadership"? Please elaborate.

The core values that I associate with student leadership are collaboration, challenge and commitment. I believe a great student leader should encompass all three of these qualities  because they are values that can help a student develop as a leader. A student leader should always strive to collaborate, whether it consists of working with other students,  organizations or even faculty because networking and remain in constant communication with those that surround you builds bridges of opportunity for the future. Another core value is challenge and that includes challenging yourself as well as your peers. A student leader is constantly working towards accomplishing new goals and seeking  self-development, identifying areas of strength and personal qualities that need improvement. Lastly is commitment. I believe this is one of the most important core values of a  leader because without dedication to ones goals or vision, nothing can be achieved. It is essential to a leaders success to remain motivated, to take the initiative and to focus on  preparation and course of action right from the beginning so that you do not lose sight of the end result.


How/why does effective student leadership require ethics and integrity?

Effective student leadership requires ethics and integrity because as a student leader, you are always confronted with decisions that can have a great impact on others and making the right decision  often requires being honest and reflecting on personal morals. A student leader is reliable and should be trusted to make just decisions that are unbiased. It is a  student leaders responsibility to have integrity when encountering problems for the sake of the student body and for those who look up to them.


How will your legacy at Pace University look?

My legacy at Pace will be one of positive change and influence. Through the position of Unity and Social Justice, as well as through all of my leadership roles on campus, I hope to  help bring an awareness of the political, social and economic issues we face a young generation and I strive to create permanent unity throughout the Pace community. I hope my  student peers can look back and remember me as someone who constantly brought about new ideas, someone who had an encouraging and charismatic energy and who was always  approachable and willing to listen. I aspire to leave a legacy that does not stop when I graduate but flourishes into something greater than what I have created.