Event Planning and Party Policy


Checklist for Planning a Program

  1. First and foremost: always plan a program AT LEAST four weeks prior to the date of the event!
  2. Decide on an event/program to do.
  3. Contact appropriate people (DJ, Magician, Food Supplier, etc.) to find out cost and availability.
  4. Decide on three possible dates and three possible locations for the event.
  5. Decide on a time for the event.
  6. Select a representative to fill out the Space Reservation Form (SRF).
  7. Make sure the SRF is emailed to SDCA@pace.edu after you have confirmed space.
  8. If funding is needed, fill out the BAC form. If approved, move on to next step

Fill out other necessary forms.

  • BAC Sheet - requested by Student Leader once space is confirmed
  • Educational Media - requested to SDCA by Student Leader
  • Transportation form - requested to SDCA by Student Leader by filling out the form at this link and submitted to SDCA NOT TRANSPORTATION
  • Complete Contacts - requested to SDCA by Student Leader

Wait for SDCA to approve the event, its date, time, and location. Please be advised that if the organization wishes to hold an event in Wilcox Gym or Goldstein Gym, confirmation may take up to two weeks.

Receive a copy of approved space reservation form in the organization mailbox.

Once approved for the funds, request contracts or quotes from the outside suppliers.  All contracts must be signed by the Treasurer of Pace University. Organization representatives do not sign any contracts.

In order for the contracts to be paid, a representative of the organization must fill out all Financial Transaction Forms and submit it to SDCA.  All payment requests should be submitted 3 weeks in advance.

Once approved for the funds and contracts have been signed, begin advertising and planning for the event.

If the organization received money from the Budget Allocation Committee, remember to include BAC as a funding agent on all advertising!

If copies are needed from Document Services, fill out a Document Services Order form.  The copies will be charged to the organization agency account.   A representative of the organization must stop by SDCA to get the appropriate budget number as well as a signature on the form.  Document Services will not accept an order without an approved signature from SDCA.

It is recommended that the organization assign duties prior to the event.  For example, assign someone to take care of collecting admission, taking care of coat-check, dispersing food, etc. Hold the event!!!

To secure reimbursement for any supplies, decorations, etc. purchased for the event, fill out a Petty cash form under 100 dollars and a Special Payments Form for over 100 dollars and submit it along with all original receipts to SDCA.

Finally, fill out a Program Follow Up.  This form is really for the benefit of the club.  It will provide future members of the club information on past programs, such as what worked and what didn’t. This form will be the only way to get credit and must be submitted to the Vice President of SA each Wednesday. Late forms will not be accepted.

Consider distributing the participant evaluation form during the program to recieve feedback on your event.  The form can be found on the SDCA web page at www.pace.edu/sdca under the forms tab.

SDCA strong encourages organizations to review past evaluation forms when planning an event.  These forms provide participant feedback and will help to assist in promoting more effective programming needs

Click here for Pace University Space Options.

General Policies and Party Information

  • Posters, provided by SDCA, will be hung conspicuously around the event venue by the sponsoring organizations.  They will include the following information:
  • Everyone entering the event will be required to go through a metal detector.
  • Persons found to be in possession of any item deemed a potential weapon will not be admitted.
  • Persons found to be visibly under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be admitted.
  • Security reserves the right to prohibit entry to any individual.
  • Doors close at 12:45am
  • There will be no re-admittance after 12:45am.
  • All Non-Pace ID’s will be held during the event. ID’s will be returned as individuals leave the dance.
  • Persons found to be smoking, drinking alcohol, or fighting on the premises will be removed and will be subject to disciplinary action and/or arrest.
  • SDCA will provide the hand stamp to be used at the event.
  • SDCA reserves the right to cancel or close a party at any time.
  • The organizations’ advisors are required to attend the party.  If this is not possible, it is the responsibility of the organizations and their advisors to find a replacement.
  • SDCA reserves the right to make changes or adjustments to the party policy and procedures as situations arise.
  • The use of Pace, our name and facilities
  • Pace University does not require any of its students who may have a common interest to form a recognized student organization. Neither does it have any policy or procedure that would bar several students from discussing their common interests or otherwise associating with each other in areas set aside for that purpose (e.g., cafeterias, student lounges, common areas, etc.) at times when those facilities are open and not in use for special events.
  • However, as set forth in these guidelines, student clubs and organizations must maintain official recognition by the University in order to be eligible for the services, benefits, and privileges offered by the Center for Student Development and Campus Activities (SDACA-N.Y.) or Student Development and Campus Activities Office (SDCA- WEST.). To be eligible for Student Activities Fee funds (SAF) the constitutions of clubs and organizations must be approved by the Student Government Association (SGA- N.Y.) or Student Association (SA- WEST.). All recognized student clubs and organizations are expected to operate within Pace University policies and procedures.
  • Services offered by Pace to officially recognized student clubs and organizations, include a license to use Pace University’s name to publicly identify their club or organization; the ability to obtain permission to reserve and use University space for meetings and events; to post and distribute meeting and event notices; and to distribute  or post   club or organization informational materials on Pace’s premises and on Pace provided web pages.
  • The only way that Pace students may reserve University space for a meeting or event (and, therefore, publicly announce that they are conducting a “Pace” club or organization meeting or event in a Pace space) is under the sponsorship of a recognized student club or organization or a University academic or administrative Department. Individual students or unrecognized groups of students may not do so.
  • Pace University does not prohibit its students from identifying themselves as Pace students wherever they may be. However, the University does not license the use of its name to unrecognized organizations or permit Pace students who may be members of unrecognized clubs or organizations to represent that their club or organization is a “Pace” club or organization.

Party Policy

Criteria for a Party

  1. The main focus is dancing
  2. Music is provided by a DJ whose status could possibly generate capacity crowds
  3. It has been heavily marketed to non-Pace students and the outside public

It may not be a party if:

  1.  There is live music and tickets for specific seats are being sold (this may be a concert)
  2. Semi-formal dress is required (this may be a dance)
  3. The activity is marketed solely to members of the Pace family
  4. SDCA has complete discretion to decide whether or not an event will be classified as a party

And subsequently adhere to the following policy.

Approval Process for a Party

The Director of SDCA will approve parties at his/her discretion, on a first-come, first-served basis, in concert with the University Calendar.  Each of the approved events must be co-sponsored by at least two organizations.

  • Party Applications are available in SDCA and must be submitted with Space Reservation Forms during the BAC process. This applies to both the spring and fall semesters.  After this window of time, no more applications will be considered. Once a party has been approved, the organizations and their advisors must meet with a member of SDCA to confirm arrangements.

Timeline for Planning an Approved Party

  1. During the BAC Process
  2. Fill out a Party Application
  3. Fill out a Space Reservation Form to Request Space
  4. Fill out BAC Forms to Request Funds (include security, transportation, sound and lighting, food and beverages, cost of producing tickets, promotion, talent)              

Once Approved

  • Meet with a professional member of SDCA to review policies and to fill out forms.

Four Weeks Before Event

  • Create committees (i.e., refreshments, decorations, entertainment, logistics/set-up)
  • Contact the Director of SDCA for all contract negotiations and approval.  Please note:  No student may sign a contract or make any commitment on behalf of self, the organization, or Pace Pace University.
  • Submit any necessary check requests.
  • Create a unique ticket to be used by guests for entrance to the party.  The tickets are only to be given or sold to outside guests.  Pace students will be admitted to parties when they show their ID’s at the door.  Tickets can be given or sold to the outside public in advance, and if there are extras left over by the day of the event, the remaining can be used at the door.  The tickets will ONLY ensure entrance; guests will have to pay the entrance fee at the door.  Once the indicated number of tickets has been used, no more outside guests will be allowed at the event.
  • Design posters, promotional materials and tickets to be given to outside guests.
  • All publicity must be approved and stamped by SDCA (refer to the manual on appropriate publicity).
  • The following information MUST be included on all party publicity:
  • Guests must be 18 and over.
  • All guests must provide a photo ID (proper ID’s include:  Driver’s License, College, Military, or State ID)
  • All guests will be required to go through a metal detector.
  • No refunds!
  • Doors close at 12:45am and there is no re-entry after this time.
  • Party ends at 2:00am.
  • Recipient(s) of money raised, if donating revenue to a charity.
  • Who is sponsoring the event -- including BAC, if applicable.

Three Weeks Before Event

  • Meet with a professional member of the SDCA staff to review policies and to fill out additional forms that may be needed.
  • Distribute posters and promotional materials throughout the campuses (Pleasantville and Briarcliff)
  • Contact WPAW and The Paw Print for advertising.
  • Create large well sign for the Kessel Student Center.

Two Weeks Before Event

  • Assign specific tasks to members of the sponsoring organizations.

One Week Before Event

  • Purchase decorations, snacks and drinks, etc.
  • Confirm all contracts.
  • Call members of the organizations to remind them of duties during the party.
  • Request a petty cash box from SDCA.

AT LEAST Two Days Before Event

  • Meet with SDCA, once more, to finalize all details.
  • Submit to SDCA a list (draft copy) of organization members and their assigned tasks for the event.
  • Confirm with SDCA that the office will provide petty cash for the event.  This petty cash must be returned to SDCA at the completion of the event.

Day of the Event

  • Stop by the SDCA Office and pick up cash box, policy posters, hand stamps, signage and all other supplies needed between 10 am and 4 pm.
  • Give SDCA the final list of all students working the event.
  • Failure to do these two steps on the day of the event will result in the party being cancelled.

Night of the Event

  • Members of the organizations must be at the event venue AT LEAST 90 minutes prior to event start time.
  • Members must put up all policy posters and entry and exit signage.
  • All supplies, decorations, food, etc. must be completely set up in the venue at least one hour prior to event.
  • Members of the organizations who are working the event must check in with a member of the SDCA professional staff at least 30 minutes prior to working their shifts.
  • At the completion of the event, a member of each organization sponsoring the event, their advisor, and a professional staff member of SDCA will count all monies collected.


  • Return the cash box and all other supplies to SDCA.
  • The organizations must submit a completed Program Follow Up Report to SDCA for all expenditures of allocated funds and revenue no later than 1 week after event.

At any point SDCA reserves the right to cancel an event if ANY of the steps listed are not completed. 

Miscellaneous Items

  • All approved parties are held in either Willcox Gym on the Pleasantville campus or Pace Perk on the Briarcliff campus.
  • Wrist bands cannot be used to mark guests who have entered a party.
  • All parties must abide by the following:
  • Absolutely no alcohol will be permitted at an approved party.
  • Doors close at 12:45am, with no re-admittance.
  • Music stops at 1:45am.
  • Event ends at 2:00am and venue is cleared of all patrons (excluding organization members cleaning up).
  • Failure to meet any or all of the above criteria may result in the loss of the organizations’ privileges to apply for parties in the future.

arty Procedures


  • If the party is held in Willcox:  a maximum of 6 security guards and one security supervisor will work the event.
  • If the party is held in Pace Perk: a maximum of 5 security guards and one security supervisor will work the event.
  • Entrance and Exit to the party will be a fixed location determined by SDCA, in conjunction with the Security staff.  Flyers containing party guidelines will be posted around the venue.
  • ALL attendees (including members of the sponsoring organizations) will be required to pass through a metal detector where three security guards and one SDCA staff member will be posted.


  • Pace students must provide their student ID’s and guests must provide one photo ID.  As proof of age, the only acceptable forms of photo identification include a driver’s license, military ID, State ID, or College ID.
  • Guest photo ID’s will be collected by a representative of SDCA and will be filed and held.  ID’s will be returned to guests when they exit the event.

Entrance/Exit Procedures If the event is in Wilcox:

  • The check-in point and admission table are at the front door of the building.  At this point Guests will produce their IDs and purchase tickets and Pace students will show their ID’s.

Entrance/Exit Procedures If the event is  in Pace Perk: