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Student Development & Campus Activities is committed to students interested in starting new organizations and maintaining an existing organizations. The resources on the right will help your organization operate and excel.

We now have a Virtual Student Organization Manual available for all students, staff and faculty that are currently involved or are looking to create an organization on campus!
Visit the Student Organization Manual Page

Organization semesterly Registration Process

Organizations must register each semester using the OrgSync registration form located at: Registration is due two weeks after the fall and spring campus involvement fair.  The campus involvement fair typically takes place the 2nd Wednesday of each semester.  The registration process includes:

  • Organization Roster - Each roster must contain all the names, U numbers, and email addresses of current members and executive board positions. Roster updates can be submitted one additional time after the original roster submission.  The deadline for all updates is the last Wednesday in October and the last Wednesday in March.
  • Constitution - An updated organization constitution must be submitted once per academic year.  A copy of all past and current constitutions should also be placed on file in the organization's OrgSync File folder.  Sample Constitution
  • Advisor - Every organization is required to have an advisor (full-time staff member, full-time faculty, adjunct faculty).  A Student Organization Advisor Agreement must be reviewed by the organization and the advisor before it is signed and submitted. 
  • OrgSync Organization Account - Each organization must update their OrgSync Account Profile to ensure all information and membership lists are correct.

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