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Honor Societies

This information was prepared by the Pforzheimer Honors College at Pace University

An Invitation to all Pace Undergraduate Students

In keeping with its motto "Opportunitas," the mission of Pace University is to provide its students with the opportunity to discover and fulfill their potential. At Pace University, supportive and challenging programs prepare graduates for meaningful lives and successful careers in a rapidly changing world. The University’s commitments combine respect for traditional academic values with readiness to meet the challenges of the future with energy and innovation.

Pace University strives to foster intellectual growth, ethical maturity, civic responsibility, and professionalism in specific disciplines. National honor societies at Pace University play a vital role in advancing these goals. All national honor societies recognize academic excellence, promote scholarship, and enrich the undergraduate educational experience. Members benefit from fellowship between students, faculty, and active professionals. Honor societies are keys that open doors to graduate school, career opportunities, and professional development. Membership in an honor society bestows honor, recognition, and lifetime distinction. Honor societies keep members informed of changing developments in their field through meetings and publications. Finally, members may be eligible for scholarships offered by national honor societies that support undergraduate education, special activities, and graduate school education.

Students are encouraged to strive to meet the eligibility requirements of the appropriate honor societies listed in this booklet. For further information, please contact the society’s faculty advisor.

To see a list of all the honors societies at Pace University go to the Pforzheimer Honors College website.