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Student Development NYC

Setter Rewards

On behalf of Student Development and Campus Activities, we would like to reward student leaders and organizations for their hard work and dedication. We have instituted a new reward system for student organizations at Pace University New York City. Please review the prizes and criteria below. Organizations will be honored at the annualSDACA awards ceremony.


  • 1st Place: $500 in the organization's agency account
  • 2nd Place: 2 organizations are elligble to receive 15 tshirts
  • 3rd place: 3 organizaitions will receive FIVE $50 Barnes and Nobels Gift Cards

Paw Points Criteria

For club requirements, you must submit everything on time to receive the maximum amount of points. The roster must include the names of all the members along with the correct U numbers

1. Club Requirements (19 Points)

  • Roster (6 Points) with 8 memebers
  • Constitution (2 Points)
  • Advisor Confimration (2 Points)
  • Meeting with SDACA Advisors 4 weeks within Semester (4 Points)
  • Budgets (5 Points)

For membership, Student Development and Campus Activities will use your rosters for the Fall and Spring semester to determine point allocation. The roster must include the names of your members along with the correct U numbers for full points to be awarded. There is a membership tracker that will determine the amount of points that each group will receive based on the increase of members from the Fall to the Spring. Below is the membership tier.

2. Memebership/Recruitment (10 Points)

Membership Tier

  • 2 additional members=1 Points
  • 4 additional members=2 Points
  • 6 additional members=3 Points
  • 8 additional members=4 Points
  • 10 additional members=5 Points
  • 12 additional members=6 Points
  • 14 additional members=7 Points
  • 16 additional members=8 Points
  • 18 additional members=9 Points
  • 20 additional members=10 Points

If the members of your organization attend the trainings listed below, then your organization will receive the maximum amount of points.

3. Leadership Development (20 Points)

  • Leadership Training (8 Points)
  • Leadership Conference (6 Points) = 1 point per person
  • Bac Training (6 Points) = 3 points per person

After your organization meetings, you must submit the sign in sheet to Student Development and Campus Activities once a month to receive the maximum amount of points.

4. Meetings

  • Two Meetings per ponth (8 Points)

If a member from your student organization participates in university events, the member must check in with a Student Development and Campus Activities staff member and sign in. Each event is worth 1 point with a maximum of 10 points. Listed below is some university events, along with committees that your members are eligible to serve on for the full academic year.

5. University Participation (Maximum 10 Points = 1 point per event)

Examples include:

  • Orientation (Summer and Winter)
  • Convocation
  • Activities Fair (Fall and Spring)
  • Career Fair (Fall and Spring)
  • Homecoming
  • Open House
  • Pace Preview/Admitted Students Day
  • Committee Service (i.e. First Generation, Senior Week, Leadership Conference and Spirit Committee, Commencement Committee, Dining Advisory Board)
  • Other events will be added as deemed necessary

For each event, up to 3 events per semester, you can submit an event evaluation that provides a S.W.O.T analysis of each event and a sign in sheet with full name and U number to Student Development and Campus Activities.

6. Events (18 Points)

  • Each Evaluation=5 points and Flyer=1 point

7. Co-Sponsorship (6 Points) ALREADY EXIST IN THE SDACA AWARDS

  • 3 Events (2 Points per co-sponsorship)

The members that engage in community service must complete a letter of participation signed by the person organizing the event. Once the letter is signed, you must submit the letter to Student Development and Campus Activities. If your organization is organizing an event on campus, then the letter of participation must be signed by your faculty advisor and/or your SDACA advisor.

Total Points: 100

8. Community Service (10 Points) ALREADY EXIST IN THE SDACA AWARDS

  • 1 Point per 2 hour event. Maximum 20 hours