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Student Handbook

Academic Resources (AR)

The Academic Resources Office assists students who are searching for academic direction (e.g. major, minor, concentration, etc.). Individualized counseling, resources and tools are provided to help students establish a focus and use the core curriculum and elective credits to explore options. Academic Resources also serves as a resource center where students can access current information on each of Pace’s majors, minors, programs and services as well as career paths associated with them.

Academic Resources provides:

  • Information on every major, minor and combined degree program within Pace
  • Personalized advisement and goal planning
  • Connections with faculty, staff & students to discuss major options
  • Guidebooks and academic/career exploration resources
  • Worksheets for majors within each school and college of the university
  • Guidance in discovering relationships between majors and careers
  • Referrals to University programs, services, academic events and clubs