Campus Directory

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New York City Campus

Westchester Campus

Lubin Graduate Center

Pace Law School




One Pace Plaza

Tower—East Wing

Level C: Maintenance shops, Kitchen mailroom/receiving, Schimmel Center

Level B: Security, lost and found, ID Room, Michael Schimmel Theater, Spotlight Cafe,

commuter lockers, student auxiliary services, resident mailboxes, Multipurpose Room, vending

machines, ATM

1st floor: Cafeteria 101, faculty/staff dining room, electronic classroom, library, Dining

Services Office

2nd floor: Library, archives, Pforzheimer Honors College, Center for Instructional Technology,

Writing Center

3rd floor: Classrooms, educational media, video conference room, faculty lounge, vending


4th floor: Transfer lobby to Maria's Tower Residence Hall

5th-17th floors: Maria's Tower Residence Hall

18th floor: Pace Executive Offices


One Pace Plaza

West Wing

Level C: Gymnasium, fitness center, vending machines

Level B: Eddie Layton Student Union, Art Galleryart gallery, meditation room, vending machines, reading room Voice Studios, Move me Dance Studios, Movie and Dance Room Studio (media room)

1st floor: Admission, Adult and Continuing Education, credit union, Office of Student

Assistance, Information Center, English Language Institute, beverage and snack kiosk, copy

Center, Welcome Center

2nd floor: Computer Resource Center, lecture halls, DoIT, International Programs and

Services, vending machines, Honors Office

3rd floor: Biology and chemistry labs, Forensic Lab and Darkroom, vending machines

4th floor: Lubin School of Business faculty and administration, Chase Computer Lab,

classrooms, Booth Ferris Lab

5th floor: Classrooms, vending machines, MFA studios, Physician Assistant Labs, Offices

6th floor: Classrooms, Language Lab, vending machines


156 William Street

5th floor: University Counsel, Human Resources, Special Events, Alumni Offices,

Philanthropy, Psychology Clinic, DoIT, vending machines

12th floor: Counseling Center, Disability Services, Office Multi Cultural Affairs


163 William Street

1st floor: Downtown Conference Center

2nd floor: Ivan G. Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems

3rd floor: Center for Downtown New York (CDNY), Office of Sponsored Research and

Economic Development, Pace Polling Unit, Second Century Innovation and Ideas Corp. (SCI2)

4th floor: Marketing and Communications, Buildings and Grounds, Facilities Management Project Re-Birth, DoIT

11th Floor:  School of Education

12th-15th floors: Classrooms

16th floor: Executive MBA program, Small Business Development Center (SBDC), School of

Education, doctoral programs

17th floor: Enrollment Marketing

18th floor: Dining

20th Lubin Classrooms

21st floor: Offices, English Language InstituteEh1, Wilson Center

20th floor: Lubin Classrooms

22nd floor: Executive conference room


Student Housing (leased off campus)

Educational Housing Inc., St. George Hotel, Brooklyn Heights, Clark Street Residence, Brooklyn



106 Fulton Street

2nd floor: Residential Life Office, Lounge

3rd floor: Vending machines, laundry, fitness, computer center, Conference Room, Lounge

4-15th floors: Residence hall


41 Park Row

Basement: Maintenance shop, locksmith, faculty lounge, copy center , vending machines

1st floor: Security, Pace Bookstore, ATM

2nd floor: Center for Academic Excellence (CAE)/Challenge to Achievement (CAP)

3rd floor: Lienhard School of Nursing faculty and administration,

University Health Care

4th floor: School Center for Urban Education, Confucius Institute

5th floor: Speech Communications (Dyson College)

6th floor: Haskins Lab

7th floor: Mathematics, University/Media Relations, Department of Philosophy and Religion

8th floor: Student Development and Campus Activities, student organization offices, vending


9th floor: Dean for Students, student government and organization offices, WPUB

Radio/Pace Press, Academic Scheduling, Multicultural Affairs, vending machines

10th floor: Schaeberle Hall

11th floor: Modern Languages, Social Sciences, History

12th floor: Theatre and Fine Arts

13th floor: Psychology

14th floor: Career Services, Co-op Education

15th floor: English

16th floor: Dyson College of Arts and Sciences, administration, University Ombuds Office



French Building, 551 Fifth Avenue, at 45th Street

8th floor: Adult and Continuing Education, classrooms, video conference, vending machines






Entrance 1

Costello House

Affirmative Action Office (AAO), University Counsel, University Relations,

Alumni Relations

Dyson Hall

Science classrooms, laboratories


Willcox Hall

Classrooms, Computer Resource Center, gym/auditorium, newspaper office: PACE Paw Print,

WRPW radio station, TV lab, English Language Institute, locksmith, vending machines, Legend Yearbook, Residence Halls Association (RHA), Multimedia and Communications Arts Center


Marks Hall, Campus Welcome Center

Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Psychology


Entrance 2

Mortola Library

Library, Center for Academic Excellence (CAE)/Challenge to Achievement (CAP), Tutoring

Services, conference room, electronic classroom, newly enrolled students, Pforzheimer Honors

College, Center for Instructional Technology, Writing Center


Goldstein Academic Center

Ivan G. Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems faculty and

administration, Lubin School of Business faculty and administration, Security Office, conference

rooms, computer lab


Miller Hall

Evening Administrator, classrooms, educational media center, lecture hall, video conference room, commuter lockers, vending machines, beverage, and snack kiosk


Lienhard Hall

Classrooms, lecture hall, Lienhard School of Nursing faculty and administration, graduate nursing, commuter lockers, vending machines


Field House

Locker rooms, classrooms, athletic fields, Athletic Department offices, Building & Grounds Office


Entrance 3

Wright House

School of Education, administration


Buchsbaum House

School of Education, faculty


Art Barn

Art Department classroom, Ceramic and Pottery Studio


Environmental Center

Environmental classes, Small Animal Life


Goldstein Health, Fitness, and Recreation Center

Athletics administration, gym, pool, fitness training, Sports Medicine, University Health Care, Hall of Fame, vending machines


Residence Halls

Martin Hall, North Hall, Townhouses 1, 2, 3

Gannett Center

Career Services, Cooperative Education


Security Administration Building



Fine Arts Building

Art Department offices, classrooms


Administrative Center

Admissions, Office of Student Assistance, Counseling, Disability Services, Scheduling, Veteran

Affairs Office, Graduation Office, Adult and Continuing Education, Academic Scheduling Office, vending machines


Kessel Campus Center

ATM, Adult and Continuing Education, Pace bookstore, commuter lounge, Butcher Suite and

Dining Services, Dean for Students, Gottesman Room and Setters' Overlook Cafe, International

Programs and Services, student conference rooms, Student Auxiliary Services, Student

Association, Judicial and Compliance office, Student Development and Campus Activities, Office of Diversity Programs, student mailroom, Vice President of Student Affairs, Associate Provost for International Programs, Associate Provost for Student Success, Higher One and Student ID Office


Choate House

Art gallery, Criminal Justice, Dyson College of Arts and Sciences, faculty and administration,

Economics, faculty dining room, English/Communications, Modern Languages, Center for

Community Outreach, Social Sciences, executive office



Dow Hall

Facilities Management Administration, security, student mailroom, Academy of Management,

Human Resources, Training and Development, ATM, vending



Dow Hall, South Wing

Phone-a-thon center; Office of Planning, Research and Assessment;

Internal Audit; Office of Environmental Health and Safety


Residence Halls

Dow Hall, Hillside House, Howard Johnson Hall, New Dorm, Valley House


West Hall

Classrooms, Division of Information Technology (DoIT) offices, telecommunications, vending

Machines, Special Events, Systems Development and Training, Administration


Woodward Hall

Conference center, Nano Crystal, Special Events, Credit Union, vending



Dining Hall

Dining services, Pace Perk, conference room, computer lab


Tead House

Office of Finance and Planning, Comptroller's Office, Accounts Payable, Collections, Grants, Payroll Department, General Services, Accounting


Howard Johnson Hall

Residence, athletics, locker rooms, Student Auxiliary Services, Residential Life offices




One Martine Avenue, White Plains, New York

Lobby: Reception Desk, Security

2nd floor: Admissions, Evening Administration, auditorium (General Foods),

Cooperative Education and Career Services, educational media, Office of Student Assistance

(OSA), reception room

3rd floor: Dyson College of Arts and Sciences, Public Administration, Center for Health Care

Education, Policy and Research, Michaelian Institute for Public Policy and Management,

Michaelian Municipal Law Resource Center, cafeteria/dining services, bookstore (satellite),

vending machines

4th floor: Computer Science and Technology Systems, CLC/NACTEL, Computer Resource

Center, DoIT, PepsiCo Learning Center classroom, Computer Learning Center classroom,

Graduate Center Library, Personal Computer Lab

5th floor: Lubin School of Business faculty and administration, Graduate Programs, International

Business/International Management, Center for International Business Development, Lubin faculty and staff, Center for Applied Research, Center for Professional Education, Business

Communications, CLOUT Program, Pace Video Conferencing Network Lab



78 North Broadway

White Plains, New York


Aloysia Hall

Bookstore, library archives, educational media, Law School Administrative and Community

Office, documents services, Office of Student Assistance, Law School computer services, Law

Reviews, Career Development, video conference room, ID and Traffic Office


Preston Hall

Law School administration and faculty, cafeteria, classrooms, Dining Services, Environmental

Legal Studies, Security, student lounge, DoIT and Telecommunications, Tudor Room, Admissions, Law Clinics


ATM, Building and Grounds, vending machines

New York City Campus (212) 346–1800 Pleasantville (914) 773–3400

White Plains (914) 422–4300                  Briarcliff (914) 923–2700


Classroom Building



Gerber Glass Law Center

Computer lab, library, Moot Court, Jury Room, Vending Machine


Education House

English Language Institute, School of Literacy, International Commercial Law, Law School Continuing Legal Education


E House

Energy Project, Environmental Litigation Clinic


Dannat Hall

Student Life office, Residence hall, vending machines


27 Crane Avenue

Women's Justice Center


31 Crane Avenue

Land Use Law Center


33 Crane Avenue

Law School Alumni Association,


Student Life Building

Law School Communications and Marketing, Mail services, student organizations, vending machines


84 North Broadway

New York State Judicial Training Institute Building