Challenge to Achievement at Pace (CAP)

The purpose of the Challenge to Achievement at Pace (CAP) program is to provide a structured first-year experience that stresses the liberal arts core curriculum and the development of critical thinking, problem solving, communication and quantitative skills.

CAP is a one-year program designed to help its first-year students meet the academic demands of a college education.  Students are provided with the necessary academic tools needed to meet their educational goals including a carefully designed program of selected courses, advisement and academic support services.

Special features of the CAP Program Include:

  • Small class size, allowing professors to give individualized attention to their students
  • Learning communities, which provide an opportunity to learn across disciplines
  • Tutoring, available individually or in group sessions, offered by the Tutoring Center
  • An array of college survival skills, taught in the University 101 course
  • An Academic Advisor and a student Peer Leader to provide support and guidance throughout the first year