Dyson College

The Dyson College of Arts and Sciences is responsible for the general education of all Pace undergraduate students, as well as for the specialized preparation of students who concentrate in one of the more than 30 major programs the college offers.

Through study of the arts, humanities, sciences, and social sciences, Dyson College encourages applied liberal learning which demonstrates to students the relationship between traditional subjects and real-world career opportunities. Dyson College helps students master the core skills of perception, analysis, and expression through a teaching philosophy that embraces standard classroom learning, technology, practical experience, and service to the community. A hallmark of a Dyson College education is the opportunity students have to learn in small, intimate classes taught in a global context and from multidisciplinary perspectives by more than 500 scholars and practitioners.

Students are encouraged to involve themselves in the community through service-learning courses, developed by faculty and Dyson College's Center for Community Outreach (CCO), which result in valuable practical knowledge coupled with an awareness of community needs. CCO also offers students volunteer experiences of varying kinds, including one-time group service projects on and off campus and referrals for on-going service opportunities at more than 100 social service agencies, hospitals, and nonprofit organizations in New York City and Westchester County.

A Dyson College education is rooted in realizing each student's potential, both as an individual and as a contributing member of society. The result of the college's learning philosophy is a graduate who can think creatively, understand ideas and issues contextually, act responsibly, and offer the technical expertise needed in today's workplace.

Academic Advisement: The dean's office and the academic departments advise students on such issues as course selection, University policies, changes of major, transfer credit evaluation, and degree requirements. All new and continuing full-time students are assigned academic advisers from their respective departments, and part-time students are advised by the dean's office.

New York City Campus 41 Park Row, 16th floor (212) 346–1518
Westchester Campus Choate House, 2nd floor (914) 773–3924