The Environment and Recycling

Pace University is committed to facilitating the pursuit of knowledge in a context of social responsibility. An awareness of our responsibility to protect the environment prompted the development of the GreenPACE Recycling Program, which was implemented on each campus during the 1991 academic year. The GreenPACE Recycling Program was initiated by the president and developed by the University-wide Task Force on Re-cycling in cooperation with the Pace Initiatives Committee on Health, Law, and the Environment.

The program designates and provides for the collection and disposal of the following materials:

* New York City: corrugated cardboard, office paper, metal food cans, glass, deposit, aluminum cans, and bulk waste

* Pleasantville/Briarcliff: deposit aluminum cans, glass, newspaper, and office paper

* White Plains : office paper and deposit aluminum cans

Information about the GreenPACE Recycling Program may be obtained from the Director of the Environmental Center on each campus.

Dos and Don'ts

Do recycle:

All glass containers



All metal containers

Tin and aluminum cans

Any plastic containers with necks

Beverage bottles

Detergent and dish-soap containers

If it has a neck, recycle it!

Any paper or cardboard without food waste

Note or copier paper

Newspapers and magazines

Junk mail

Cardboard boxes If it doesn't have a pizza in it, recycle it!

Don't recycle:


Anything with food waste in it

Empty and rinse all beverage and food containers

Pizza boxes are not recyclable

Plastic without necks

Yogurt cups

Coffee cup lids

Food containers such as ones found in Pace Dining Halls



Cups such as cold beverage containers

Grocery bags

Anything that you can reuse!