Greek Life

Greek Councils serve as the voice for all fraternities and sororities at Pace University. They function as governing bodies to settle disputes, create policy, and oversee many Greek organizations at Pace. The Greek Councils also sponsor events throughout the year.

Student Government Association (SGA in New York and SA on PLV) is active on both campuses and elects members to govern for one year following annual elections. They provide students with the opportunity to practice self-government by providing a forum for free expression and a structure for communication between the student body and the administration. The Student Government Association includes the Senate, Cabinet, and the Budget Allocation Council. They appoint students to various campus or University ad hoc committees and task forces, and to the Student Affairs and Academic Affairs Committees of the Pace Board of Trustees. The SGA/SA, in collaboration with the Budget Allocation Council, allocates funds to all student organizations under its jurisdiction. Students are encouraged to attend SGA meetings to share ideas and suggestions.