Health/Accident Insurance

Pace is pleased to announce the continuation of a program that underscores the University’s commitment to health and wellness and reaffirms its desire to enable students to complete their education at Pace without worry of extreme financial hardship brought on by illness or injury. The University, in cooperation with Combined Life Insurance Company of New York, has designed a mandatory Student Accident/Sickness Insurance Plan, at a very reasonable rate, for domestic students attending Pace University. International students are already covered under a similar required plan.

The current and up-coming academic year Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan for Domestic Students Attending Pace University brochure, which describes the policy terms, coverages, exclusions, and premiums may be found on the Pace University Web site in an Adobe Acrobat PDF format at, and may be downloaded to your PC printer in its entirety. A limited supply of brochures is available at the offices of the Deans for Students and University Health Care (UHC). Please note that the Accident/Sickness Insurance fee will automatically be included on your student statement, if you are a full-time undergraduate student enrolled for 12 credits or more, or a graduate student enrolled for nine credits or more and must be paid, based on the corresponding terms of enrollment, with your tuition.

Students who have existing coverage under another policy (self, parent, spouse, etc.) may apply to waive the Pace plan. Instructions for waving out of the plan are contained on the Pace Health Insurance Web page and must be accomplished by completing a waiver online using the student account login procedure using the MyPace portal from the Pace home page. Please note that there are deadlines each term, beyond which, waiver applicants will not be accepted.

It is important to note that the Office of Student Assistance will not activate your registration unless the insurance fee is paid or you have successfully waived-out of the plan online. Any part-time student registered for six credits or more may voluntarily choose to enroll in the Pace Insurance plan. All students who have the Pace Insurance plan may also enroll his/her spouse, domestic partner, and/or dependents.

By instituting this policy, the University reaffirms its commitment to enabling students to complete their education protected from the potential devastating financial effects of injury or illness. Please feel free to contact the University Health Care Center in New York, (212) 346-1600 or Westchester, (914) 773-3760, if you have questions. The only method of "waiving out" is online at