Pace Campus Bookstores

The campus bookstores are managed by Barnes and Nobles and sell new and used textbooks, school supplies, art supplies, paperbacks, stationery, college-imprinted clothing and souvenir items, personal items, and snacks. Extended hours are posted during rush periods at the beginning of each semester.

Barnes & Noble Gift Card, Visa, MasterCard, and personal checks are accepted, with proper identification. Returns of unmarked and unopened shrink wrapped textbooks are accepted within the first week of the semester and must be accompanied by a receipt for a full refund. Books purchased after the first week of the semester may be returned with a cash register receipt within two days for a full refund. After the second day of purchase, receive a 75 percent refund. No refunds given on textbooks after 30 days from the start of class. No refunds without a receipt. Summer session refunds accepted for only one week after start of class. Textbooks, supplies, and personal items can now be ordered online by visiting our Web site

We are conveniently located:

New York City Campus 41 Park Row, 1st floor (212) 346–1605
Pleasantville Kessel Campus Center (914) 773–3761
White Plains Aloysia Hall (914) 422–4057