School of Education

We Teach Excellence and We Practice What We Teach

Conceptual Framework

The School of Education believes that a fundamental aim in education is to create opportunities for individuals to realize their potential within a democratic community. Therefore, we prepare graduates of our programs to be:

reflective practitioners who

promote justice,

create caring classroom and school communities and

enable all students to be successful learners.

These themes form the conceptual framework for the outcomes of the School of Education programs. They guide every aspect of our role in preparing educators for K-12 settings. We incorporate them through curricular planning, instruction, assessment, and the evaluation of both our candidates and programs.

At the School of Education, we teach what we believe in, and we practice what we teach. We believe that educators can and must make a difference: make a difference in schools and make a difference in the lives of children and adolescents. Because of these beliefs we have created challenging and innovative programs that prepare teacher education candidates to take key leadership roles in making a difference. In all of our degree programs, teacher education candidates have the opportunity and the responsibility to practice what they are learning in public school classroom through field experience opportunities and service-based learning.

All Pace School of Education teacher preparation programs are designed to make teaching and learning the highest priority and to provide students with extensive opportunities to excel in their careers.

Our programs feature:

  • a focus on integrated and active learning
  •  innovative use of technology for learning and teaching
  • substantive field-based experiences in schools with diverse populations
  • extensive involvement with community-based programs
  • an emphasis on service-based learning
  • a systematic approach to providing school-related work linked with learning
  • strong linkages with the arts and sciences for all undergraduate programs

Graduate Studies

The Pace University School of Education is committed to the development of outstanding leaders for the urban public school system. Consistent with this commitment, the graduate programs have been designed for educators interested in effective leadership for the classroom, school and school district. The Pace University School of Education offers a comprehensive array of graduate education programs for current teachers seeking expanded opportunities and professional development or career changers seeking initial teacher certification. All of the programs provide students with the New York State required master’s degree for Initial/Professional Certification. All of the programs are offered on both our NYC and Westchester campuses (except Literacy, which is only available in PLV).


M.S. Ed. in Educational Technology: Prepares teachers to integrate technology with effective instruction for all learners

M.S. Ed. in Literacy: Prepares school specialists in working with students to gain an understanding of language acquisition, literacy development and strategies for working with students who have language and learning disabilities

M.S. Ed. in Special Education: Prepares school specialists in working effectively with students with disabilities

M.S. Ed. in Educational Leadership: Prepares administrators to lead schools and other  educational settings

Master of Science for Teachers (M.S.T.): Prepares career changers and college students with the pedagogical knowledge skills and dispositions to become successful classroom teachers.

Individuals interested in any of these programs should contact the Office of Student Support

Services in Westchester at:
914-773-3829 or in NYC at 212-346-1512, for further information; or visit our website at

Undergraduate Studies

The School of Education offers many innovative choices for individuals seeking to become teachers. The undergraduate program is currently offered on the Westchester campus.  Students can choose the accelerated Combined Degree (B.A./M.S.Ed.) program, graduating with both a bachelor and a masters degree or the Single Degree (Bachelor of Arts) program. 

COMBINED DEGREE PROGRAM (B.A. and MSEd. are earned concurrently) In our combined degree programs, students complete an additional year of study, taking courses during the summer between their fourth and fifth years, and complete the Program at the end of their fifth year. Upon completion of the Program, students will earn a bachelor’s and master’s degree, and be eligible for teaching certificates in at least two areas.

Combined Degree Programs will lead to Initial Certification in Childhood Education (grades 1-6) or Adolescent Education (subject specific*) (grades 7-12) at the undergraduate level.  At the graduate level, students can choose one of the following areas for the M.S.Ed. degree earning certification at the corresponding grade level:


Teaching Students with Disabilities

Educational Technology


Students can also choose a Single Degree program in Childhood Education or Adolescent Education* in which they earn a bachelors degree and become eligible for a New York State Initial Teaching Certificate.

*Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, English, Italian, Mathematics, Spanish, and Social Studies

Beginning in their first year of undergraduate teacher education, candidates engage in various field experiences and service learning activities. These field experiences will often have accompanying seminars through which students explore professional issues that are critical to their future success. Throughout their program at Pace, teacher education candidates are in the community and in the schools actively learning and making a difference.


During the fall semester of freshman year, all freshmen who enter Pace indicating an interest in teaching will be assigned to a designated education section of University 101, taught by School of Education faculty. Beginning in the spring semester of freshman year, students will enroll in a Professional Teaching Seminar that meets weekly for one hour.  As part of the seminar, students will receive group advisement, information about careers in teaching, and assistance with the New York State teacher examination and certification process.

Upon formal admission to the School of Education in the junior year, students will be assigned a faculty advisor who will provide academic and professional advisement and mentoring throughout their program. Students meet with their faculty advisor at least once each semester to review their academic progress, plan course schedules, and discuss their professional plans.

In all cases teacher education candidates’ involvement in the schools is extensive. The programs include a three-year placement in a school starting with half day observations and ultimately increasing to one or two full days for an entire semester or year. In their final semesters of all programs teacher education candidates participate in student teaching full-time for one or two semesters. During student teaching, teacher education candidates work directly with their mentor teachers and practice all aspects of their professional career.


The Office of Student Support Services assists undergraduate and graduate teacher education candidates in achieving their educational and professional goals by providing group and individualized academic advisement. Students seeking information and advice about program and degree options, course schedules, transfer credits, teacher certification requirements, or academic concerns are encouraged to contact the Office of Student Support Services on their campus at:

New York City Campus Pleasantville Campus
163 William Street, 11th floor Buchsbaum House; 212-346-1338 914-773-3571