Student Governance

Committees of the Student Government Association (SGA), New York City Campus

* The Student Affairs Committee addresses the concerns of the undergraduate student population and primarily focuses on student services, academic programs, and student affairs.
* The Public Relations Committee keeps the student population informed of SGA’s activities.
* The Constitution Committee reviews and approves student organization charters and constitutions.
* The Elections Committee oversees fair and responsible annual elections.
* The University Affairs Committee discusses topical issues of concern like library hours of operation and food services.

Student Advisory Councils

Representatives from a wide range of student constituencies in New York and Westchester meet periodically with the Deans for Students and Vice President of Student Affairs to discuss, prioritize, and resolve campus-specific and University issues of student concern.

Programming and Campus Entertainment (PACE) Board

The PACE Board, on the New York City campus, arranges social, cultural, educational, and informational programs that can be enjoyed by the entire Pace community.