How to Participate in Each One Reach One

How to Participate

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Review the list of ten activities and select one that you would like to organize this semester.

Schedule a date for your activity. Help us create a master calendar of Each One Reach One events so we can all see each other’s creative ideas. Some EORO activities will occur over the course of a semester (e.g., University 101, Learning Communities, extended advisement hours, mentoring) while others will be events that take place in a day or two (e.g., lunches, cultural events, networking meetings.)

If you are coordinating a EORO event or ongoing activity, please fill out the EORO Event Scheduling form so everyone can see what you're doing on the EORO Activity Calendar.

Request funding--if you need it.  First ask your chair, then your dean, and then the provost. There is limited funding, so be sure to determine your needs early on and apply for support if necessary. See Support for Each One Reach One.

Recruit students to participate. If you are not currently teaching first year students there are many ways to recruit students to participate in your activities. You can create posters and use Homer. You can work with colleagues teaching University 101 or Intro courses to recruit their students. Consider a guest appearance in their classes to talk about your event or asking colleagues to distribute a flyer for you. Be creative. If you schedule your event, we can help publicize it through email blasts to first- year students.

Ask students to evaluate the event. As your event ends, give them copies of the student evaluation form and send the completed forms to Susan Herman (Dyson), Ipshita Ray (Lubin) or Namchul Shin (Seidenberg).

Better still, send them online to to fill out the form or if you have their emails, send them the link directly.

Fill out the faculty evaluation of the activity.

If you need help—or inspiration—contact a member of the Admissions and Retention Committee. We’d be happy to brainstorm with you.

Have fun. Remember that the connection between students and faculty is probably the most important factor in a successful college experience—for both sides of the equation.

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