List of Activities

List of Activities

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Faculty-Student Lunches

Take up to two groups of 5 first years/per group off campus for lunch in order to facilitate a more casual and social exchange experience.  Talk to the students about your career and your research interests as well as their experiences at Pace.

You may already have funding to take students to lunch if you are teaching University 101 or a Learning Community, or through another program. If not, you may request funds through the EORO process. See Support. If you prefer to eat on campus, you may ask Dean Marijo Russel O'Grady for a lunch voucher to be able to treat 5 first year students to lunch in the Dining Hall. You may also contact Dean O'Grady's Assistant Edith Arenas at earenas@pace.edufor vouchers. These vouchers will be distributed on a first come, first served basis. Be sure to mention that it's a EORO event.

Departmental Advisory Meeting

Organize an advisory meeting--before the pre-registration period-- for first years interested in your discipline to explain your departmental offerings and program strengths. Describe various courses and concentrations for majors.

Departmental Mentoring Program

Organize mentoring events specifically for first years which may include, but are not limited to, career counseling, community engagement, an internship program, an academic club or other extra-curricular activities. For example, invite your star seniors and alumni to engage the first year students at a meeting and then become mentors on an ongoing basis.

Off-Campus Cultural Event

Take a group of first years to a local museum, concert, theatre, arts and crafts workshop or exhibit. Walk through historical areas or interesting neighborhoods.

If you are interested in getting tickets to take first year students to a performance at Schimmel contact Abby Buell at ext:11589 or Be sure to mention that it's a EORO event for first year students. 

Online Blog, Facebook Page

Create a social media platform such as Facebook and Blogsfor exchanges with first year students. Post links to your lectures, events, news stories, or other material that may interest and engage first year students.

Additional Hours of Advisement

Add at least 3 more office hours per week on campus. Let first years know your schedule. Currently faculty have 5 advisement hours per week, so this activity adds at  least 3 more hours on campus per week specifically inviting first year students to participate.

Career-Oriented Event

Host an event with non-faculty experts from your field or industry, and include career services and/or alumni. Target first year students, but these events can certainly be open to other students as well.

Student Connections Event

Lead a networking event encouraging greater interaction among first years and other undergraduate students. Create opportunities for meaningful connections by facilitating a discussion or leading a game or exercise.

University 101

Sign up to teach a University 101 course. Shape the course of a student’s college experience from the very beginning.

Learning Communities

Co-teach an interdisciplinary LC course for first year students. These can be particularly meaningful learning experiences for students 

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