Support for Each One Reach One


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Most of the EORO activities can easily be conducted without financial support.

There are, however, limited funds available for the few activities that may need support (e.g., lunches, field trips, mentoring activities, and advisement gatherings).*

If you are planning a EORO event there is a $20 cap per person for lunches, and a $200 cap (total) for trips and gatherings.** If you can manage with less money, please do. Let’s stretch the funding as far as it will go.

If you would like to request funding for a specific Each One Reach One activity, write a brief description of the event and request support from your Department Chair. If funds are not available there, go to your Dean. If there is no funding at that level, go to the Provost ---Make sure you thoroughly describe the event including the activity you have planned, the date, the location, and how many students you hope to host.

After you have held your event, write a brief report about it, and send it to your department chair -----with all original receipts for expenses-- so that you can be reimbursed. 

You may have access to previously existing funding if you are planning an event through University 101 or a Learning Community.

** There should be 5 students participating in a EORO lunch with one or two faculty. Each trip or gathering should have more than 5 students and must always have more students participating than faculty.

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