Welcome to Faculty



Welcome to Faculty

    Dear Colleagues,

There are approximately 1300 first year students on our New York campus. Last year, only 72% of them stayed till their second year. In our view, the fact that one out of four first year students does not return is deeply troubling. We are writing to enlist your support for a faculty-led initiative designed to address this critical shortcoming.

The most important research finding is that everyone on campus impacts retention rates, particularly faculty. In that spirit, we are pleased to invite you to join the faculty-initiated and faculty-led Each One Reach One initiative, designed to improve the experience and retention of first year students. The fundamental idea of Each One Reach One is simple: engaging first years in positive activities will create stronger bonds to Pace and lead to greater retention. This idea is supported by research, and builds on the good work already being done by many members of the faculty.

We have identified ten activities that have proven to increase retention rates. These activities include: taking groups of students out to lunch; hosting an advisory session; creating a mentoring program; taking students to an off-campus cultural event; starting a departmental Facebook or blog for first year students; adding three more on-campus office hours; hosting career-oriented events; teaching University 101; hosting events to encourage connections between first year students and other students; and, teaching a first year Learning Community. 

We are writing to encourage every full-time faculty member on the New York campus to select one of these ten activities and to carry it out. Please explore the complete list of activities, and find one that is right for you. It may be that you have already engaged in one or more of these activities; if so, we encourage you to join Each One Reach One by selecting an additional activity and carrying it out.

We appreciate the strong early support from the NY Faculty Council for Each One Reach One. The initiative has begun and once launched, we will undoubtedly discover details we have forgotten or ways we can improve. Please write us with your suggestions and comments. Now it’s time for each of us to select an activity, increase the level of faculty engagement of our first year students, and increase the retention rate at Pace University. Please follow the directions on the site, let us know what activity you select, fill out the evaluation forms, encourage students to do the same, and if you need assistance, please let us know.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.    


The Admissions and Retention Comittee of the New York Faculty Council

Susan Herman, chair  


Lisa Farber

Ipshita Ray

Canan Corus

Sarah Blackwood

Bill Offutt

Mark Weinstock

Casey Frid  

Anne Bynoe

Katherine Richardson



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