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Study Abroad

Upon Return

Welcome back! We hope you study abroad journey was as enjoyable as it was a transformational experience. Re-entry can be both an exciting and confusing time. You may be asking yourself, “I’m back… now what?” Here you can find important materials that will help answer common questions as well as help you transition into thinking about your international future.

Course Equivalency

While abroad some courses that you may have received approval for prior to departure may not be offered at your host institution. You may take courses that have not been previously approved, but you must get them approved via email while abroad or upon return to Pace. Your transcript from abroad will not be processed until all course approvals have been received.


If you have not already done so, contact your host university to request that your transcript be send to Pace International:

Colleen O’Hara
One Pace Plaza, W207
New York, NY 10038

Attending Graduate School in the US

If you are planning to attend graduate school after you finish your undergraduate degree at Pace, you will likely need to request an official transcript from your school abroad. To do so, visit the school's website and follow their stated procedure for requesting a transcript. You can order the transcript(s) be sent to yourself or to the school directly but if you send it to yourself be careful not to open the envelope containing the transcript as this will make the transcript no longer an official transcript.

Tip: When ordering a transcript from abroad, you might want to order an extra or two to keep on hand in case you need them in the future!

Reverse Culture Shock

Just as you experienced culture shock upon your arrival to your host country, you will likely experience some form of reverse culture shock upon your return. Your view of the United States may have changed while gaining a new perspective abroad and it could be difficult to readjust to your life back home. The following are some links to help you adjust to life after study abroad.

Career Enhancement

Study abroad is more than just learning in a classroom. It is in your daily lives, explorations, and cultural encounters where the most personal growth occurs. These soft skills are what employers are looking for and it is your job to help translate your experience into your future career! Here some links that provide unique information on how to freshen up your resumes and interviews by adding your study abroad experience.

Get Involved


Pace Abroad Leaders (PALs) are Pace students who have experience studying abroad and have an interest in helping prospective students through the study abroad process while developing resume enhancing skills. Study abroad alumni provide valuable first-hand advice and expertise that would be a beneficial resource for prospective students. As a PAL, you will be a representative of Pace International and the study abroad team You must be enthusiastic and informed about our policies, procedures and programs. Students will gain skills in public speaking, event organization, communication skills, and general knowledge of an office environment.

If you are interested in becoming a PAL email to request a job description and application.