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Summer Scholars


The Summer Scholars Institute is committed to expanding your horizons through a variety of specialized course work. On your application, you are asked to choose from one of the majors offered. You will be selected for the Summer Scholars Institute based on the strength of your application, where we will pay particular attention to your essay, in which you are asked to describe why you have chosen your major.

The Summer Scholars Institute Majors

During the Institute, students spend mornings and afternoons participating in the two assigned courses within the major. After dinner, the entire Summer Scholars Institute will come together for seminars which will help answer questions and concerns about the college application and selection process. We will include sessions with admissions advisors, financial aid advisors, student activities, academic advisors and a host of other activities aimed at giving students a strong foundation to base your college search.

Since the Summer Scholars Institute is highly competitive, we recommend that students apply early to reserve a spot in one of our majors.

*Course descriptions are from a pervious summer and will likely remain similar this year. However, course content is designed in conjunction with topics that will generate student interest and are topics of expertise held by the professors who teach the courses. While effort will be made to keep the current courses as they are presented here, course descriptions and content may change.