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Summer Scholars

Musical Theater

Course 1 and 2: Musical Theater Performance Technique

Musical Theatre Performance Technique is a process-based performance class that will teach the synthesis of emotional life, singing and movement skills as the foundation for a truthful and authentic musical theatre performance technique. Students will learn to develop a character within the context of their song and be able to identify the obstacle, objective, tactics and stakes. Vocally, students will work on breath control, quality of tone and use of the voice in different registers in relationship to the character. Physically, students will explore the brain to body connection, learning to sing from a neutral, unaffected physical place. The primary focus however, is to learn to integrate these three skills. Most of the time in class will be working on producing an honest interpretation of the song.

Course 3 and 4: Musical Theater Audition Technique

Musical Theatre Audition Technique is a performance-based class with an emphasis on preparation for professional/college auditions. In this class, students will be assigned music that is specific to their needs and will be chosen based on the student’s range, voice and type. Students will leave this class with the skills needed to audition. In addition students will learn about agents and casting directors. Students will also learn the anatomy of an all kinds of auditions. For the final, a panel of casting directors and agents will audition each student and give appropriate feedback.

* Musical theater requires an audition video. The video should be uploaded to a private youtube account and you should provide the link to Pace University for review in your application packet. The video should contain the following:

  • One monologue under 90 seconds from a contemporary, published, full-length play.
  • Two contrasting 32-bar song selections (as separate clips) - contrasting could mean a difference in style and/or vocal range.
  • OPTIONAL: A clip featuring you as a dancer in a show, competition, or other solo dance performance.