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Summer Scholars

For Guidance Counselors

Do you have current sophomores or juniors interested in furthering their educational experience during the summer? Are your students beginning to prepare for the college application process? Are your students eager and ready to explore exciting places such as New York City with like-minded individuals?

If so, the Summer Scholars Institute at Pace University may be for your students!

Our Summer Scholars Institute at Pace University is a groundbreaking intensive college experience, with a selective course of study designed for exceptional high school sophomores and juniors eager to experience the atmosphere of college and challenging liberal arts. Upon completion of the Institute, students will receive a Certificate of Course Completion and a letter of recommendation from the director of the program, which will help to strengthen college applications.

The Summer Scholars Institute is held on our New York City Campus in one of the finest cities in the world in one of the finest locations in the city, nestled between City Hall Park and South Street Seaport. Our dedicated faculty and staff have prepared the most interesting and challenging courses of study for your students. The courses are designed to illuminate the minds of prospective college students and the educational experience is matched with active exploration of the New York City cultural experience. Each track contains courses taught by Pace University faculty. Students also have the option of staying on campus in the dorms with us as a resident or commuting from home each day.

This year, we are offering the Guidance Counselor’s Scholar Rate, which is a special DISCOUNTED group rate to five (5) or more students from the same high school that apply and are accepted into our Summer Scholars Institute.* Please fill out the Guidance Counselor Form on our website (under the For Guidance Councilors tab) and submit it to us as soon as you have students applying.

Contact us to begin planning for the educational future of your students. We have brochures and application materials that are ready to be sent to you. Also, our website has information pertaining to this summer’s program, and on our website you will find our brochure and application.

You can reach us at 212-346-1192 or email us at

Sincerely yours,

Brice A. Particelli, PhD

Director, Summer Scholars Institute

*The students being offered the five or more Guidance Counselor's Scholar Rate are not eligible for "Summer Scholarships" due to the fact they are already receiving a highly discounted rate.