Campus Culture & Academics

The description below outlines Pace programs, practices, and initiatives in campus culture and academics. This page will be updated as new information becomes available.
All Campuses
  • Graduating students are offered the opportunity to take the Graduation Pledge of Social and Environmental Responsibility at Pace University. Individuals wearing the commemorative pin at Commencement will have voluntarily pledged to make a commitment to be socially and environmentally aware of the decisions and choices they make in their lives.
  • Pace's Student Development office uses an online ballot/voting system to reduce paper waste. 
  • As of 2011, all Pace graduates will now be renting their gowns and not purchasing them.  Through a recommendation and support from the GreenPace Committee, the Commencement planning committee was able to find a higher quality and nicer gown that students would rent in an effort to reduce resources, energy, and waste. 
  • The Commencement printed program is printed on 100%recycled stock using soy-based ink.
  • Course Evaluations Go Green! Paper course evaluations are becoming a thing of the past. Pace University has been working with IOTA Solutions since 1999. Online course evaluation is an ecofriendly solution to reduce paper use (and workload) for processing Scantron evaluations. An added benefit is that results are tracked more efficiently and are filed securely online. Pace Law School, Dyson College of Arts and Sciences, Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems, and NACTEL are all currently using IOTA Solutions.
  • The Dyson Digital Digest, the e-newsletter for Dyson College, and Dyson weekly student e-Notes are distributed electronically to reduce paper use.
  • Dyson College blog thread, begun by Dr. Linda Anstendig's Eng 201 class, opens conversation on Pace greening. Share your views, ideas, observations, concerns, and vision for a sustainable university and future!
With more than 13,000 students, and 2,000 faculty and staff members, the Pace community is large and diverse. Communication, cooperation, education, leadership, innovation, and visions of change all come together with creating a sustainable atmosphere in which respect and care for the environment takes the forefront. Through collective efforts, leaps and bounds can be made towards becoming a truly sustainable university.
  • Pace's Pleasantville campus has an organic herb garden located outside the Environmental Center. The garden was created and is maintained by students and staff. Herbs will be harvested and used by our dining services in their food preparation.
  • Pleasantville Student Association unanimously adopted a Sustainability Resolution in the Spring of 2008.
 White Plains Law
  • In the Spring of 2008 Pace Law School adopted a Sustainability Policy.
  • Pace Law students have launched a volunteer Community Vegetable Garden Project, another component of a larger plan to increase campus sustainability. Students hope that the garden will cultivate community involvement and will call attention to the accessibility of gardening on a small, local, and organic scale, which in turn contributes to large-scale sustainability.
  • In 2008, Pace Law School became the second law school in the nation to participate in the "Law Office Climate Challenge," an initiative created by the American Bar Association’s (ABA) Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to promote environmental sustainability. 
New York City
  • A student run vegetable garden was established in 2013 at Pace Plaza in NYC, sponsored by Dean O'Grady, the Dyson Houses (Gotham, Go!, Mind Body Spirit), B&G, OMA & SGA.  See how their garden grows, check it out on Facebook!
  • The Dyson Green House is a theme housing that is open to 100 incoming freshmen (who must apply) in our NYC campus. “Green” means life, prosperity, giving back, and enjoying our surroundings; so this House focuses on exploring and bettering the environment in our city and our university. Projects include: participating in a community garden, working with organizations that serve the hungry and homeless, volunteering as mentors, creating a plan to “green” Pace University, internships at area organizations/nonprofits/United Nations, starting a group at Pace or in the city.

  • Pace's Counseling Center staff is continually working on creating a greener work environment for their department. They've formed “The Green Team” which consists of several of their staff members and meets monthly to discuss ways they can foster “green-ness” here at Pace. They've developed and implemented a “Green Manual,” a document that advises their staff members on ways to reduce energy consumption. Additionally, they work to educate students through their “Green Bulletin Board,” which posts important information about becoming more earth-friendly.
  • The NYC campus created a small rooftop garden under the direction of a full-time faculty member and is maintained by students. The plan is to increase it each year.

If you have an item to submit for posting to this page, or would like to share your ideas, concerns, comments and feedback about sustainability at Pace, send us an email.